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Civicpalturbo 02

Purpose Built // Turbo Civic from Palembang

I could never get tired observing Honda’s generations, especially when it comes to the Honda Civic. Started its life as a practical compact sedan, with subtly sporty looks and huge potential for mods, the Civic often ends up as one of the most preferred base for project cars. Even Honda itself is producing Type R and RR versions on top …

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Wallpaper Wednesday // Matte Blue Evolution VIII MR from Palembang

Yes. Another Lancer Evolution as our Wallpaper Wednesday! I think we’re having a rather Japanese-week-theme this time. Last week we’ve posted Didi’s Evolution rolling-shot capture during JDM.RUN and today we have a sent-in all the way from Palembang. Captured by Ricky Tjandra, the Evolution VIII MR has been featured before on our site (check this link), but this time there’s …

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Caymanpalem 07

Spotlight // TechArt Porsche Cayman from Palembang

The Porsche Cayman might’ve been a very common sight in the metropolitan city of Jakarta and Surabaya. Even the new 991 911 has become a quite frequent sight these days. We have even featured one that’s sporting a set of ADV.1 staggered 21″-22″ wheels a few weeks ago (). None of these cars, however, have experienced the same spotlight-treatment as …

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Focus 01

Divergent // Ford Focus on Work

Divergent // Tending to be different or develop in different directions. No matter where you grew up from or are currently living in, chances are you’ve had that one friend who always do or choose to buy things differently from your other friends. The one who chooses to use an HTC instead of the popular BlackBerry/iPhone/Galaxy. The one who opted …

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Evo8update 01

Evolution VIII Update // Matte Wrap

One of the things I like to do the most is showcasing new updates from our past featured cars. Today I’ll show you an update to the Evolution VIII MR posted on April 2012 (). The owner has currently applied a matte body wrap to the whole car and installed a HKS 3037 SPL turbo kit, along with an AEM …

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Crzyellow 03

Show Off // Matte Yellow CRZ on Volk

The Honda CRZ is surely a quite interesting ride to modify. It has the good looks, the great handling, but a hybrid heart; it’s a hybrid sports car. Overseas, the CRZ has been bought by various kinds of owners. Some stance and flush theirs all out while others go for the performance route via supercharger systems or engine swaps. Today’s …

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Camryboost 01

Doing It Right // Camry on BC Forged

Not content with the cancelled post, today he returns with a different set of pictures showcasing some different parts on his car.

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Evo4gsr 05

Pedigree // Evolution IV GSR

Another racing car from Palembang! 😀 I honestly don’t know what’s into them, there are so many drag and racing oriented cars coming from Palembang to hawk’n’poke!

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Jazzmattered 09

Mattered // Boosted GE8 from Palembang

It’s matte red, drag oriented, daily driven Jazz from Palembang!

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Evo8mr 02

Mr. Technical // Evolution VIII MR

From the same owner of the 450BHP Civic we posted several weeks ago, came this Evolution VIII MR. Yulius kali ini menampilkan work-in-progress Evolution VIII MR dengan 380BHP.

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Crvlexani 01

Show Off // Lexani CR-V

For the past few weeks, ada artikel baru di hawk’n’poke, yaitu “Stance Off” yang diperuntukan untuk mobil-mobil yang mengandalkan sektor kaki-kaki saja sebagai fokus utamanya. Kali ini, karena bukan sebuah sedan, sepertinya lebih cocok disebut “Show Off”. Nevertheless, this CR-V looks so good sitting on its 24″ Lexani wheels! Ohya, the owner dari CR-V ini juga memiliki sebuah black on …

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Greenjazz 011

It’s Poking Green // GD3 from Palembang

Dalam dunia modifikasi, ada tipe owners yang conservative, mengambil tampilan ‘aman’, enak dipandang, yang tidak mudah terpengaruh oleh zaman. Ada juga tipe followers yang terus menerus mempelajari, mengikuti dan mengaplikasikan tren-tren terkini pada kendaraannya…

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450civic 03

Deceptive Looks // Yulius’s 450HP+ Civic

Let’s face the truth, all around the internet and across many modification societies, Honda Civic has been one of most frequent car to be associated with the term ‘rice’. “What’s ‘rice’?”

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Livinaboost 04

Boosted // 2008 Livina

Turbo seringkali menjadi ‘jalan mudah’ bagi para modifikator to get an instant boost in a car’s performance. Namuuun, tidak semua kendaraan disupport dengan adanya aftermarket bolt-on turbo kits. Well, mobil yang biasanya dipasarkan di Jepang, US, Eropa ataupun market besar lainnya biasanya lebih mudah dicarikan bolt-on parts-nya. Lain halnya dengan Nissan Livina…

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Noble // White Jazz from Palembang

Elegance, suatu konsep yang hendak ditonjolkan oleh sang owner pada White Jazz Noblesse yang merupakan featured car asal Palembang yang kami tampilkan pada kesempatan ini. Rencana awal sang owner dalam mengejar JDM sebagai gaya modifikasinya seketika tergantikan saat melihat the elegance dari sebuah Noblesse bodykit. Alhasil, Jazz berwarna putih ini pun di pasangkan berbagai parts ala Noblesse, dari bodykit hingga …

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