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Edwinroc 03

Powerful Little Hatchback // Scirocco R on BC Forged

Volkswagen’s performance lineup, the GTI and the R, has often been regarded as wolves in sheep’s clothing. Mind you, these cars look almost identical to their less powerful cousins; yet when it comes to the engine bay, they are equipped with powerful 2.0L turbo engines that could chew out more than 300HP even when lightly tuned. Coupled with the hatchback …

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Miniozracingwave 01

Show Off // Mini on O.Z. Wave

Every Thursday, we dedicate our post to Permaisuri. Today they’re submitting this Mini sitting on O.Z. Wave, one of the brand’s most unique model.

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E36cabrio 04

Stance Off // E36 Cabrio on OZ

This E36 cabrio is owned by the same person whose E30 was posted several days ago. Apparently he’s a real BMW enthusiast with a lot of love for stance cultures. He has been owning this E36 only for a month and was lucky enough to have this E36 pretty much the way he wanted it when he bought it. Within …

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Hinsby2 01

Hot Import Nights Surabaya 2012 // Part 2

We’re back with more pictures from Hot Import Nights Surabaya 2012.

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Camryboost 01

Doing It Right // Camry on BC Forged

Not content with the cancelled post, today he returns with a different set of pictures showcasing some different parts on his car.

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Egci4th 01

Estilo Genio Community Gathering // Tangerang

The gathering was held to celebrate the community’s fourth anniversary.

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E30volk 02

Stance Off // E30 on Volk

“Do it right or don’t do it at all,” people say.

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Sclassvellano 01

Show Off // S Class on Vellano

When S Class meets Vellano forged wheels, the duo becomes the reflection of a true luxury.

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Hinsby 06

Hot Import Nights Surabaya 2012 // Part 1

Finally, our coverage on the Hot Import Nights Surabaya 2012 auto contest!

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Typerccw 01

Track Intentions // Ricky’s Type R on CCW

“I keep my faith on this ride because my mission has not yet been accomplished,” said Ricky.

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Slkredbc 12

Daily Dosage // Red SLK

The owner has magnified the SLK’s inner sports car soul, with a red body and a set of matte black BC Forged wheels that has turned this SLK into one very seductive beauty.

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Cclassc22 02

Show Off // W204 C-Class Coupe on Modulare C22

A C-Class coupe on a set of very modern looking Modulare C22.

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330iwhite 04

OEM+ // 330i E92 Coupe

OEM+ is a modification ‘genre’ that relies mostly on better/classier/sportier parts that are being produced by OEM itself.

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Alpina7 07

A Man’s Passion // Alpina 7 Series

Today’s post is an absolutely spectacular material.

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Evo4gsr 05

Pedigree // Evolution IV GSR

Another racing car from Palembang! 😀 I honestly don’t know what’s into them, there are so many drag and racing oriented cars coming from Palembang to hawk’n’poke!

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991modulare 01

Show Off // Porsche 991 Carrera S on Modulare

It’s the Permaisuri thursday again! This time they’re showing off this brand new 2012 991 Carrera S with Modulare wheels.

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May Wallpaper // Daniel’s Odyssey from Melbourne

May has passed; we’re giving you Daniel’s BRUANG Odyssey as the monthly wallpaper! Pictures taken by Sebastian V.

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Gticcw 02

Stance Off // Bagged CCW MK6 GTI

MK6 GTI + CCW + Air Suspension + Stage 2 = Absolute Attraction.

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