Crzyellow 03

Show Off // Matte Yellow CRZ on Volk

The Honda CRZ is surely a quite interesting ride to modify. It has the good looks, the great handling, but a hybrid heart; it’s a hybrid sports car. Overseas, the CRZ has been bought by various kinds of owners. Some stance and flush theirs all out while others go for the performance route via supercharger systems or engine swaps. Today’s ride is still mildly modified but the owner has already hinted at a possible performance route. Currently, the carbon hoods, the Japanese classic-choice Rays CE28N, and the matte yellow color, all add up to a good looking daily driver.

Modification Specs

Volk Rays CE28N 18″x8.5
Toyo Proxes 4 225/40/18
Rays lug nut
BC Racing coilovers

J’s Racing carbon hood
Matte yellow body wrap
Honda red emblemsengine hood carbon J’s racing original
HID HDX v.2 3500K head lamp and fog lamp

Asimo doll
Hasepro red steering emblem sticker
Audison Bit Ten D processor
Flux HPC 68000 capacitor bank
Flux SC261 speakers
Mosconi Gladen One 120.2
Focal 27V 1-way subwoofer

Additional Infos

Photography by:
Ricky T