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Jazzyoh 04

Pursuing Perfection // Turbo GD3 on Airsus

While women change their wardrobe every couple of months, men change their car’s mods every couple of months! Don’t you agree? 😆 GD3 yang hawk’n’poke tampilkan kali ini sudah melalui tiga kali perubahan pada sektor eksterior dan currently sitting on it’s fourth set of wheels.

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January Wallpaper // Track Inspired Evolution X

Here’s the January wallpaper you’ve been waiting for! Set it as your desktop picture now, spread the words, share this wallpaper to your friends by clicking the Facebook like button!

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Blackevox 04

Track Inspired Evo X from [Connection]

Featured car hawk’n’poke kali ini dikirim oleh Mex dari M E X | P H O T O W O R K. Beliau yang juga merupakan salah satu member dari Connection Auto Club ini sudah beberapa kali mengirimkan hasil photoshoot kendaraan rekan-rekan Connection. This time he sent us this track-inspired Evolution X.

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Porscheadv 09

Breakthrough // ADV7DC Porsche Cayman

Our featured car this time represents a breakthrough in many ways. Why do we call it a breakthrough? Well, we’ll start off with a story about the wheels: ADV.1

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Sgtopless 01

Group Shoot // SGTopless

A group picture sent it by our photographer Charles J; this picture was taken in Singapore, consisting of cars from the SGTopless Car Club.

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450civic 03

Deceptive Looks // Yulius’s 450HP+ Civic

Let’s face the truth, all around the internet and across many modification societies, Honda Civic has been one of most frequent car to be associated with the term ‘rice’. “What’s ‘rice’?”

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Altiszepter 09

One Small Crown // Richard’s 2004 Corolla

First introduced in 1966, Corolla merupakan salah satu mobil yang paling berhasil dalam lineup Toyota. Well, dengan banyaknya peredaran Corolla di seluruh dunia, banyak juga yang jatuh kepada tangan para modifikator dan dijadikan ekspresi passion mereka akan dunia modifikasi

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Accelerap3 10

Final Battle Accelera Auto Contest 2011 // Part 3

Kami kembali dengan Part 3 dari Final Battle Accelera Auto Contest 2011 coverage! Enjoy the pictures!

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