Focus 01

Divergent // Ford Focus on Work

Divergent // Tending to be different or develop in different directions.

No matter where you grew up from or are currently living in, chances are you’ve had that one friend who always do or choose to buy things differently from your other friends. The one who chooses to use an HTC instead of the popular BlackBerry/iPhone/Galaxy. The one who opted for a Ford Focus instead of the more popular Indonesian’s choice of Civic/Altis. In my perspective, the number of times I’ve encountered a Ford Focus on the road can still be counted on one hand. It’s that rare! Well, I believe Reja Ardiansyah is pretty much that type of person. Not only did he choose to drive a Ford Focus, he has also decided to camber the hell out of it.

Now, if the number of times I’ve seen a Ford Focus on the road is less than 5 times, how many times have you seen one this low? I bet not very often, also considering the fact that this car resides in Palembang. Another peculiar fact about this Focus is the paint. It looks OEM, but it actually very much isn’t. Reja decided to repaint the OEM Silverstone paint with Silverstone by Spies Hecker. Wait, what? Repainting with the same color? Yes. He argued that Spies Hecker’s Silverstone color is actually a bit darker and applicable for a wetter look.

Rolling this low on a set of custom Eibach springs makes me wonder the quality of roads in Palembang. I’m guessing they aren’t as bad as our roads in Jakarta. Reja has also chosen a set of Work 11R 18″x9-10.5 to maximise the stance of his ride. Running 10.5″ on the back also required quite aggressive tyre stretching and suspension cambering works.

Modification Specs

Spies Hecker Silverstone
Provision HID 10,000K headlamp
Provision HID 10,000K foglamp
Remus twin head muffler

Work 11R FT 18″x9-10.5
Achilles tyres
Eibach springs
velg Work 11R FT

MBtech Camaro black and suede with red stitches
Clarion DXZ776 USB head unit
Sony DAB 6650 TV
Headrest TV x2
Concept subwoofer x2
Venom Silver split x2
Venom 2600 VD monoblcok
Venom 1000.4 power
Venom capacitor bank x2

Additional Infos

Photography by:
Ricky T