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Pedigree // Evolution IV GSR

Another racing car from Palembang! šŸ˜€ I honestly don’t know what’s into them, there are so many drag and racing oriented cars coming from Palembang to hawk’n’poke! This time it’s Hendra’s Mitsubishi Evolution IV GSR. It’s one of those cars that are rarely seen in Indonesia. Back in its days in 1996, a factory stock Evo IV came equipped with a 276HP engine as standard, one of the largest for mass produced Japanese cars at that time. The Evo IV was also the first Evo to sport those rally-look large fog lights, which is why some might argue of it being the best looking Evo ever produced.

Sporting 276HP fresh off its factory floor in 1996, this car has further been modified by Hendra to squeeze more horsepower. A lot has been done to its engine bay (see spec at the bottom of the post), including a turbo swap – it’s actually being turbocharged by an Evolution VIII MR turbo at the moment.

Despite all the work in the engine bay, the interior and exterior of this Evo have been kept fairly stock. The owner simply doesn’t want to ruin the ‘classic’ look and feel of his beloved ride, and I fully support his decision. This car should be preserved!

In order to put down the power of this car on the road properly, Hendra has opted for lightweight CE28 wheels equipped with Yokohama tires; and also Tein coilovers to further improve its 4WD handling!

Modification Specs

Tein Super Street Coilovers
Volk Rays CE28 18″
Yokohama AD07 225/40/18

Recaro seats full suede

Head porting and polish
Cometic gasket
ARP head studs
CP Pistons
BC connecting rod
ACL roadbearing
ACL mainbearing
ACL thrustbearing
HKS GD Pro Twin clutch
Unichip Dastek Q+
Turbo Module 2.5 bar
Evolution VIII MR turbo
HKS pipings
HKS muffler
Gizzmo boost control

Additional Infos

Photography by:
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