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Smartcarl 02

Show Off // Carlsson Smart Fortwo

Smart cars are also often regarded as the SWATCHmobile: they are colourful, having plenty of options, affordable, and reliable.

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Jazzmattered 09

Mattered // Boosted GE8 from Palembang

It’s matte red, drag oriented, daily driven Jazz from Palembang!

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Californiamodulare 01

Show Off // Ferrari California on Modulare

Another submission from Permaisuri, Indonesia’s leading aftermarket wheels dealer and retailer. This time it’s a Ferrari California sitting on Modulare wheels!

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Recarow204 02

The Pioneer // Mike’s Matte Yellow W204

What you’re going to see today is a car that has been pushed and driven hard by it’s owner, Mike from Tangerang, to become the first; the pioneer.

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Evoquep90l 02

Show Off // Evoque on HRE P90L

The Evoque, I believe, has been the most stylish Range Rover to date. Yet, in the hands of Permaisuri, this stylish SUV has been taken to a whole new level. It’s borderline exotic!

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W202wald 02

Fanatical // Wira’s Wald W202 C-Class

Wira from New Dimension used to be the single tuner, pooling all possible parts from the AMG catalogue to build his beloved W202 C-Class. But then he started to become unfaithful.

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Hinyogya12 09

Hot Import Nights Yogyakarta 2012

HIN Yogyakarta turned up to be quite a successful event, attracting quite a large crowd during the weekend of 12-13 May 2012.

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Slkbrabus 11

Posh! // Brabus SLK R172

Impressive in its standard form, this SLK has been modified and tuned further by Brabus; transformed into what I call the state of “Perfection Redefined”.

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E34ac 01

Stance Off // E34 5 Series

The blue color, along with the concave AC Schnitzer wheels on this E34 symbolizes the ‘Executive’ image perfectly.

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Automaxx2012 31

Automaxx 2012 // Part 2

We’re back with Part 2 from Automaxx @ Pluit Village.

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Ims2012 01

International Modified Show Bandung 2012

hawk’n’poke event coverage is back with the International Modified Show 2012! The show was held at Bandung Supermal on the 5th-6th of May 2012. Quite a lot of participants joined the event, showcasing their modified rides at the basement parking area. Yes, the entire event was held at the basement parking of Bandung Supermal. Here are some pictures of the …

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S2kbyelegend 02

Goodbye Legend // S2000

Saying goodbyes have never been easy, let alone saying goodbye to a legend. The S2000 has been worshipped by many and owned only by a few in Indonesia. The car was fist introduced during the times when CBU cars were still faced with import bans in our country. Only a few have ever made it here. Meet Mr. B, the …

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Odcagentz 08

The Family Man // Daniel’s Odyssey

It’s about Daniel, the family man, and his beloved Odyssey. Daniel himself is an Indonesian who is currently living in Melbourne and belongs to the Agentz crew.

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Miniakra 02

Carbon Personality // Mini Cooper S

Mini has always been well-known for its strong personality. It’s the car with a soul. It has won plenty of automotive awards since it’s birth in 1959; once has even been awarded the “Car of the Century”.

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Subaruwhite 02

Nurturing The Beast // Subaru GRB STi

A Subaru isn’t a common sighting in Indonesia, let alone a modified JDM spec STi like this one. It takes a true enthusiast to admire such a car.

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Video Update // Willy’s A4 B8

A video update from Willy’s A4 B8 that we’ve featured a few months ago!

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S2kconnmelb 02

Show Off // Supercharged S2000

It’s the overseas ride article again! Since the beginning, we’ve dedicated hawk’n’poke to showcasing Indonesian owner’s riders, or modified rides that are simply located in Indonesia. What we have today is an S2000 owned by an Indonesian living in Melbourne. He has also been a part of the famous Connection auto community. The modifications done on this car look straightforwardly …

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Automaxx2012 15

Automaxx 2012 // Part 1

Last weekend, hawk’n’poke stopped by to do a coverage of Automaxx, an auto contest held at Pluit Village, Jakarta.

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Markxcharles 01

Stance Off // Charles J’s Mark X

Today’s Stance Off short-article features Charles J’s personal ride back then when he was still living in Singapore. You might have never seen the Mark X on Indonesian roads; but in Singapore, they are much more common.

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Caymanwhite 05

White Knight // Cayman on HRE

It was sunday and the weather couldn’t have been greater for a photoshoot!

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