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Hot Import Nights Yogyakarta 2012

HIN Jogja turned up to be quite a successful event, attracting quite a large crowd during the weekend of 12-13 May 2012.
While there’s apparently nothing much to see besides the HIN event when I was there, I’ve personally encountered many interesting and uniquely modified cars. Close to approximately 200 cars were there for the contest; extreme, racing, elegant, slammed/hellaflush, body conversion, classic, any kind of styles can be found in there. They had also organized a 2-day slalom/drift event that allows both FWD and RWD cars to participate.

As for the cars,

This Jazz uses a real batik pattern, not stickers/air brush, for both interiors and exteriors. Something that truly resembles Yogyakarta!

There were also Slalom/Drift competitions.

Akbar Rais was there participating in the drifting event.

When a spec list is taller than the car itself, you know what to expect. 😀

Apparently hellaflush and stanced styles have also arrived here at Yogyakarta.

AE86 that reminds me of Initial D.

Classic Holdens and Chryslers were there too, here are two of them.

Thats all guys, can’t wait to visit Yogyakarta again next year for another Hot Import Nights Event!

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