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W202wald 02

Fanatical // Wira’s Wald W202 C-Class

Wira from New Dimension used to be the single tuner, pooling all possible parts from the AMG catalogue to build his beloved W202 C-Class. But then he started to become unfaithful.

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S2kbyelegend 02

Goodbye Legend // S2000

Saying goodbyes have never been easy, let alone saying goodbye to a legend. The S2000 has been worshipped by many and owned only by a few in Indonesia. The car was fist introduced during the times when CBU cars were still faced with import bans in our country. Only a few have ever made it here. Meet Mr. B, the …

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Miniakra 02

Carbon Personality // Mini Cooper S

Mini has always been well-known for its strong personality. It’s the car with a soul. It has won plenty of automotive awards since it’s birth in 1959; once has even been awarded the “Car of the Century”.

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Subaruwhite 02

Nurturing The Beast // Subaru GRB STi

A Subaru isn’t a common sighting in Indonesia, let alone a modified JDM spec STi like this one. It takes a true enthusiast to admire such a car.

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S2kconnmelb 02

Show Off // Supercharged S2000

It’s the overseas ride article again! Since the beginning, we’ve dedicated hawk’n’poke to showcasing Indonesian owner’s riders, or modified rides that are simply located in Indonesia. What we have today is an S2000 owned by an Indonesian living in Melbourne. He has also been a part of the famous Connection auto community. The modifications done on this car look straightforwardly …

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Caymanwhite 05

White Knight // Cayman on HRE

It was sunday and the weather couldn’t have been greater for a photoshoot!

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Estilosam 04

Better than New // Samuel’s 1995 Estilo

You’ve seen Samuel’s Miata a few weeks ago. Now it’s his well-built Estilo! He’s been owning this car since it was brand new!

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Evo8mr 02

Mr. Technical // Evolution VIII MR

From the same owner of the 450BHP Civic we posted several weeks ago, came this Evolution VIII MR. Yulius kali ini menampilkan work-in-progress Evolution VIII MR dengan 380BHP.

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Civicadv1 06

Carbon Freak // ADV.1 Civic

What’s the most mainstream mods to be done on Hondas? A JDM style for sure! Aliran JDM pula sebenarnya yang pada awalnya dipilih the owner dari Civic FD1 yang featured kali ini.

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Thekings01 02

The Kings // Part 1 // Street Racing Galant

Some cars were built for races, others were for shows. Races or shows, they usually share the same goal: to be the best, to be nicknamed as The King! What we have here is a Galant that has lived both worlds: it used to be the King in drag races and now has also earned its King title in auto contest.

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Andyz 04

Rolling Low // Supercharged 350Z

This time we’ve got another contribution from Connection community, sent in by Mex. Jika dilihat sepintas saja, sebagian besar orang mungkin mengira kalau 350Z satu ini simply hard parked: all show, but no go. Jangan salah!

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Jazzyoh 04

Pursuing Perfection // Turbo GD3 on Airsus

While women change their wardrobe every couple of months, men change their car’s mods every couple of months! Don’t you agree? 😆 GD3 yang hawk’n’poke tampilkan kali ini sudah melalui tiga kali perubahan pada sektor eksterior dan currently sitting on it’s fourth set of wheels.

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Blackevox 04

Track Inspired Evo X from [Connection]

Featured car hawk’n’poke kali ini dikirim oleh Mex dari M E X | P H O T O W O R K. Beliau yang juga merupakan salah satu member dari Connection Auto Club ini sudah beberapa kali mengirimkan hasil photoshoot kendaraan rekan-rekan Connection. This time he sent us this track-inspired Evolution X.

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450civic 03

Deceptive Looks // Yulius’s 450HP+ Civic

Let’s face the truth, all around the internet and across many modification societies, Honda Civic has been one of most frequent car to be associated with the term ‘rice’. “What’s ‘rice’?”

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Civicfrank 02

Naturally Aspirated // Frank’s FD1

Being naturally aspirated means that one won’t have to deal with turbo lags nor the complexity of bulky additional performance parts. Itulah jalur yang dipilih Franky dalam memaksimalkan performa dari Civic FD1-nya ini.

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Fcivic 07

Carbonized Civic // Pepen’s 2001 ES

It all started when hawk’n’poke posted some pics from Bandung International Modified Show event. Civic milik Pepen ini was tagged as Pepen’s on FB, dimana Pepen pun turut mengomentari foto tersebut.

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335iiforged 05

Convertible Goodness // Rieger E93 335i

Kontribusi dari Charles J kali ini berasal dari Singapore: sebuah 335i milik rekan asal Indonesia bernama Raymond. High quality, branded bolt-on parts menjadi fokus utama pada modifikasi 335i ini. Every single modification pada 335i ini begitu thoughtful, mempunyai tujuannya tersendiri. Sehingga terhasil a car that is stunning both in terms of looks and performance. Pada sektor eksterior… …Raymond, yang sempat …

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The Golden Ratio // GTR R35

In the subject of geometry, The Golden Ratio merupakan sebuah “sweet spot” yang terbukti menghasilkan suatu karya yang sangat menarik untuk dipandang. Itulah yang tercermin pada GTR… …yang menjadi featured car kita kali ini. Velg BBS LM Anniversary Edition (Full Gold), dilengkapi dengan penambahan Zele add-on carbon body parts menghasilkan sebuah kombinasi yang spot on; menempatkan perfect balance antara form …

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Milltek Fiesta2

Milltek Full Exhaust System // Fiesta S

Kali ini Tim hawk’n’poke menampilkan sebuah Ford Fiesta S yang dikontribusikan oleh seorang automotive photographer berpengalaman: Charles J. Fiesta yang kami feature ini tentunya berbeda dari yang lainnya; sekilas terciri dari brand Milltek yang tertera pada ujung knalpotnya… …namun jangan salah, bukan muffler tips-nya saja yang Milltek. The owner sudah memasang Milltek full exhaust system (plug and play for Ford …

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