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Better than New // Samuel’s 1995 Estilo

One thing that really amazes me about the Estilo being featured today: the fact that Samuel has been the owner of this car since it was brand new, which dates back to the year of 1995. Looking at the current pristine condition of the car, one could easily admit that this 17-year-old car is looking much Better than New!

The seats. The wheels. The paint. The engine. Everything. Everything in this car works, looks, and feels much better than new. It’s as if it has been kept inside a hidden garage somewhere; somewhere where time doesn’t exist; somewhere where time doesn’t consume, nothing rusts; then after plentiful years of being hidden only to be found by Samuel and tuned by his mindful hands to its current condition.
No, no way all that could be true, no such garage exist.

The truth is: this is a car that has been driven, has been used up, has spent most of his life on the roads, and has put every single bit of its efforts to stay loyal to its owner. And for all those, Samuel has made sure that it is to be well maintained and taken care of.

However, it wasn’t until the second year after Samuel’s return from the States that he started building and tuning this Estilo. Coupled with his experiences in tuning his eight other Civics in the States, he has decided to leave the engine in this Estilo in its N/A condition. Turbo in Honda engines could cause plenty of engine problems he said.

A bunch load of parts were carried over from the States personally. USDM parts, put together alongside with JDM parts, have really set this car apart from the others. It’s Polar Red metallic paint has also been especially chosen to make sure it stands out from other Estilos.

One interesting part within the engine is the CRV throttle body. Instead of depending on Turbos, Samuel has managed to hand-pick several N/A workarounds to squeeze every single drop of extra HP the engine can possibly produce. The application of the CRV throttle body, for example, is claimed to result in a more immediate throttle response.

A lot of people sacrifice the handling of a car in favor of a good looking drop. No, this would never happen to Samuel. He likes his car balanced, properly set up all around. For this beloved Estilo, he chose Tokico coilovers, Brembo brakes, Spoon wheels and Neova tires. These parts are here to push the boundaries of its maneuverability to its limits.

That’s all about Samuel and his Estilo. Even though I’ve been writing this article entirely in English, I believe the pictures themselves have been speaking a universal language that translates to how well this Estilo has been properly maintained and built.

Modification Specs

Carbon fibre hood
Spoon carbon fibre front lip
Spoon carbon fibre side mirrors
Spoon carbon fibre ducktail
EK style carbon fibre sideskirt
Custom carbon fibre rear lip kit
USDM amber corner
JDM fog lights
JDM door visors
Spies Hecker Polar Red Metallic
Glazurit High Gloss Clear Coat

Spoon SW 388 15″
Advan Neova 195/50/15
Integra R front lower control arm
Skunk 2 rear lower arm
Integra R front and rear anti roll Bar
Skunk 2 rear lower bar
Cusco rear upper bar
Mugen front strut Bar
Energy suspension bushing kit
Tokico coilovers
Brembo cross and drilled rotor front
Goodridge steel braided hose
Skunk 2 front camber kit

Nardi Clasic red stitch
S2000 shift knob
S2000 head unit
Short shift kit
JDM clusters
JDM amber clock
Bride Low Max carbon fibre seats
JDM center console arm rest
USDM 3 points rear seatbelt
USDM rear speakers
Carbon fibre emergency brakes

1.6L SOHC FL16 non-VTEC
ACT clutch
Hotwires spark plug wires
DC Sports 4-2-1 header
HKS muffler
K&N Akimoto open filter
CRV throttle Body
Mishimoto alumunium 2 rows radiator

Additional Infos

Photography by:
Winston J
Mobile: +6281932092426