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Stanceloversdayout 19

MOTOR Stancelovers Day Out // Photo Coverage

More and more we are seeing the Indonesian car culture shifting away from its “contest-is-everything” image. Casual meets. Friendly competitions. Outdoor laid back events are becoming more popular these days, especially ever since we stirred things up with the GENESIS car show earlier this year. On July 21st 2013, MOTOR magazine also held a casual gathering for stancelovers at The …

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Svhre 01

Permaisuri Thursday // Murcielago SV on HRE Wheels

Permaisuri has done it again. SuperVeloce supercar meets super wheels. This raging successor of the Diablo SV has been prepared by Lamborghini as its toughest, fastest, most manic beast to date to bear the SV badge. With production figures that are much less than initially proposed (around 180+ instead of the proposed 350), it is then also one of the …

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Slkiforged 02

Show Off // William’s SLK on iForged

It’s been quite some time since the last Show Off article I posted. In case you’ve forgotten what they are, these “Show Off” articles are dedicated to owners who’d like to take pictures of their cars themselves (or taken by a friend) and send them over to us via email. Today we have this SLK owned by William (you might’ve …

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Born to Be // Armand’s F30 on BC Forged

Distinctive reverbs. Pitch-perfect high tones. Energetic acts. Powerful shouts and screams. Lively performances. No I’m not talking about the car. It’s Armand, the owner of this F30 3 Series we are featuring today. A talented singer. An inspirational figure. A loving husband and affectionate father. He’s none other than the lead vocalist of the 13-year-old successful Indonesian rockband: GIGI. Born …

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Jdmrun2013 04

JDM.RUN Cruise // Photo Coverage

Traffic congestion. Reckless bikes (not all, but a lot are). Careless public transports. There are plenty of things to moan about when it comes to the daily conditions of Jakarta’s roads. And driving precious gems on these roads often proves to be an even worse experience. Worrying about scratches? Overheats? Hidden potholes? Crime threats? But then there’s always that time …

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Voguekahn 01

Permaisuri Thursday // Range Rover Vogue on Kahn

The Range Rover Vogue. A beast of might and luxury. It lets you travel across all nasty, muddy terrains while still being snuggled by its spacious first-class cabin. As sturdy as a brick, yet as relaxing as the ocean’s breeze. For years Land Rover (company) has used this formula again and again for the RR, successfully catered to the needs …

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F30vorsteiner 05

Lavish Desires // BMW 3 Series F30 on Vorsteiner

Take all that’s among the best F30 parts out there and put them into one top-of-the-line 3 Series sedan. That’s what we are having today. Brembo. Vorsteiner. KW. M-Performance. Akrapovic. On the new 335i. A combination of finest products out there coupled with BMW’s 3.0L turbocharged engine, essentially turning this compact sedan into one aftermath of lavish desires. Sleek. Cunning. …

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Lukmanecoupe 11

The Continental Coupe // Lukman’s E Coupe on BC Forged

From the same owner whose GT86 was featured several days ago, here I bring to you his Mercedes Benz E Coupe. A pair of two-doors. One Japanese. The other being European. Two entirely different breed of coupes. Both has been installed with mods that have boosted up their aesthetics and performance areas. But while the GT86 has been planned to …

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