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JDM.RUN Cruise // Photo Coverage

Traffic congestion. Reckless bikes (not all, but a lot are). Careless public transports. There are plenty of things to moan about when it comes to the daily conditions of Jakarta’s roads. And driving precious gems on these roads often proves to be an even worse experience. Worrying about scratches? Overheats? Hidden potholes? Crime threats? But then there’s always that time of the year where most of those hassles go away: the Lebaran holiday. While most of us are visiting relatives or going for vacations, some enthusiasts are still staying in Jakarta while having the opportunity to enjoy our roads in a traffic-free condition. Amongst those staying this year are these JDM lover buddies. From Lancer Evolution to Type R to GTR, these Japanese performance car lovers have gotten the chance to unleash their exquisite rides’ full potentials on these wide open roads.

From meets to cruises to runs, these JDM.RUN buddies quite frequently gather around to enjoy their rides. And these runs aren’t being organized without safety rules either. So there’re always safety guidances and precautions being set up for each run.

The usual routes go somewhere along Pantai Indah Kapuk, Senayan, Airport, Inner/Outer Ring Road, and Alam Sutera, with end points usually being breakfast places.

Waking up early to have some blasts around the city, while enjoying the sunrise view proves to be a very satisfying experience.

Some of these older generation Evo’s are rarer than the newer ones. Seeing them still being driven like the way they should was a great experience.

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Photography by:
Charles J
Automotive Photographer based in Jakarta and Singapore.
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