M135bbs 09

Permaisuri Thursday // M135i on BBS

Meet BMW’s latest creation from its BMW Performance division. No, it’s not one of those full-blown performance-focused M cars. Compared to the 1M coupe, for example, this M135i shares more of its traits to the standard 1-series hatchbacks, rather than the limited-run coupe. An angry-bird-looking facia with a sleek rear end, the M135i’s design and functionalities resembles those of BMW’s non-performance lineup. It’s the halfway ride to being a full-blown M. But halfway-M surely doesn’t translate to half-performance for BMW. Because underneath the bonnet lies an N55 turbocharged engine that’s been tuned to produce 320bhp with 332lb/ft torque. Which, in English means one helluva fast ride. 0-100Km/h in under 5 seconds fast. Angry fast.

Humbler. Dynamic suspension. Practical. Efficient. These make the M135i a better option for both long and daily drives. Yet it still packs the fun factor that all M’s have, with all those power it has. Nonetheless, with the 1M being out of production already, this is also the closest brand-new ride one can buy to experience BMW’s compact 1-series performance-oriented creation.

What I am showing off today is one of the few M135i’s that have arrived on our land. On Permaisuri’s hands, it’s been installed with a set of 20″ BBS CH-R’s. The perfect compliment to its Alpine White body.

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Modification Specs
BBS CH-R 20″x8-9

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil (Certified by BMW)