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Ecoupeadv 05

Silver Arrow // E Coupe on ADV.1

‘Silver Arrows’ is the nickname that people have been giving to Mercedes Benz cars for decades. Have a gaze at the pointed front facia, the upward bulging rear end and the streamlined side profile on this beautiful silver E Coupe. Every single detail on the exterior of this masterpiece greatly ressembles Mercedes’s core values: iconic, dynamic, and yet ever so …

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Rrdpe 02

The Sweet Spot // Rolls Royce Ghost on DPE

Behold! Today’s ride is the pinnacle of luxury. The magnificence, the delicate craftsmanship, the fine leathers, and even the concealed gizmos; all have been manifested by the idea of ‘delivering simplicity out of complexity’. Every single little detail on this car has been deliberately designed to perfectly exhibit simplicity and purity; despite the complex work that has been done underneath …

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Mx5work 01

Rewarding Experience // Mex’s MX-5 Miata on Work

Miata // derived from an old German word, meaning ‘reward’ Today’s Miata might be the first ever stanced new generation Miata in Indonesia! It is owned by hawk’n’poke’s very own photographer: Mex. In just a couple of weeks after receiving the car, Mex immediately began his journey to transform his roadster into a neck-breaking attention grabber. He had even ordered …

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E60richard 03

Uniquely Morr // E60 5 Series

Another OEM+ styling on today’s BMW! It’s a 530i E60 owned by Richard, sitting on a set of lightweight forged Morr wheels. While the exteriors might be OEM+ (M Technic), the wheels are still pretty rare in Indonesia. Morr Competition is a U.S. based company known for their forged wheels quality and lightweight expertise. When it comes to the suspension …

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Jukenismo 03

Determination // Daniel’s Nismo Juke

Quite a few days have passed ever since our latest feature. Some of our editorial members are currently having a holiday and myself has been overseas and faced with a difficulty in getting access to the internet. However, today we are finally able to show you this awesome Juke owned by Daniel (owner of Sahara, PIK) who is determined to …

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Rocoz 01

Show Off // Scirocco on OZ

Few might have known that there exist a liaison between the Scirocco and the World Rally Championship. No, the Scirocco didn’t compete in the class of MINI, Fiesta and the like due to its larger body; VW has relied on a Polo instead. However, in 2010 VW did use the Scirocco as a safety car for the WRC; it looked …

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Accordmodulare 01

Stance Off // Accord on Modulare

On today’s Stance Off menu is a Honda Accord owned by Andry Hidayat (owner of JAP Wheel Cliniq, Bandung). He chose a set of 20″ Modulare wheels to instantly boost the looks of his ride. Being a wheel shop owner, he definitely wouldn’t settle for second bests. When it comes to suspensions, Andry chose a set of TEIN super street …

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Evo8update 01

Evolution VIII Update // Matte Wrap

One of the things I like to do the most is showcasing new updates from our past featured cars. Today I’ll show you an update to the Evolution VIII MR posted on April 2012 (). The owner has currently applied a matte body wrap to the whole car and installed a HKS 3037 SPL turbo kit, along with an AEM …

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