Rrdpe 02

The Sweet Spot // Rolls Royce Ghost on DPE

Behold! Today’s ride is the pinnacle of luxury. The magnificence, the delicate craftsmanship, the fine leathers, and even the concealed gizmos; all have been manifested by the idea of ‘delivering simplicity out of complexity’. Every single little detail on this car has been deliberately designed to perfectly exhibit simplicity and purity; despite the complex work that has been done underneath it. While the 6.6-litre V12 engine may sound quite confounding, it actually is very far from it. It is in fact very profound and refined, making the driving experience elegantly rewarding and effortless.

While the car itself has been pretty much refined in every way, one particular owner decided to take his ride to Permaisuri for a set of new wheels. After some considerations, Permaisuri offered this set of 24″ DPE Elite 8 wheels. The size is just right, the design is collateral to the car and the finishing is very desirable.

Modification Specs

DPE Elite 8 24″
Toyo Proxes 4 255/30/24 275/30/24