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Rewarding Experience // Mex’s MX-5 Miata on Work

Miata // derived from an old German word, meaning ‘reward’

Today’s Miata might be the first ever stanced new generation Miata in Indonesia! It is owned by hawk’n’poke’s very own photographer: Mex. In just a couple of weeks after receiving the car, Mex immediately began his journey to transform his roadster into a neck-breaking attention grabber. He had even ordered the wheels prior to receiving the car.

Upon arrival of the wheels, Mex finally got to see how wide they are in person, specs are 10″ front and 11″ rear. Thus, quite some fender work needed to be done. He shared his misery listening to the spanks and bangs of mechanics doing the fender works on his beloved 2012 ride.

Well, fenders might have to be rolled and knocked, but the final results are definitely well worth it. The ride height and fender gaps are perfect, accompanied by the STD coilovers installed. Apart from working with the wheels etc, Mex has also installed a set of exhaust system to enhance the tone of the Miata’s 2.0L engine.

Exterior, interior and engine compartment currently are still fairly standard, but Mex has also been planning to work on those areas soon. He is currently looking for some nice add-on front lips and ducktails, as well as bubble shift knobs. However, due to the small population of new generation Miata on Indonesian streets, parts are quite difficult to find. If any of you have suggestions on a good source for Miata parts, please feel free to let him know via our commenting system below!

Modification Specs

Yellow foglamp
Autovision HID 6000K

STD coilovers
Work Meister S2 18″x10-11 ET 40
Achilles 215/40/18 225/40/18

R-Tune tail pipe
Excess Automotive (XS) downpipe
Excess Automotive (XS) header

Additional Infos

Photography by:
M e x | P h o t o w o r k ™
Photos + Cars + Art
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