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Silver Arrow // E Coupe on ADV.1

‘Silver Arrows’ is the nickname that people have been giving to Mercedes Benz cars for decades. Have a gaze at the pointed front facia, the upward bulging rear end and the streamlined side profile on this beautiful silver E Coupe. Every single detail on the exterior of this masterpiece greatly ressembles Mercedes’s core values: iconic, dynamic, and yet ever so faithfully timeless. Having a great Mercedes design to start with, the owner of today’s E Coupe, Mr. AS, decided to amplify its charm even higher. It’s fascinating.

The aggressive front fascia of the E Coupe has been enhanced further by the application of an AMG bodykit and Carlsson front lip. The carbon splitters are there to serve a better aerodynamic purpose, as well as adding the ‘sportiness’ factor into the car’s design equation. Coupled with the Carlsson carbon rear diffuser, the car now reflects a very balanced image of elegance and flamboyance.

Equally as impressive as the exterior designs are the ADV.1 10 Deep Concave wheels. Departing from the previous Carlsson wheels, Mr. AS opted for ADV.1 due to the wheels’ aggressive look and offset. The dimensions of the wheels suit the fender lines of the E Coupe flawlessly. All that it takes to achieve the stance is an installation of Carlsson lowering kit. No fender modifications were required.

Even though interior sector has been kept fairly standard, it still isn’t less impressive than the rest. Specially ordered alluring red leather wrapped the seats and trims neatly. A set of Carlsson pedal kit and Carlsson shift knob put the cherry on top of this very cozy interior.

Modification Specs

AMG Styling bodykit
Carlsson carbon diffuser
Carlsson lip with carbon splitter
Carlsson ducktail
E500 tailpipes
ADV.1 10 Deep Concave 20″x8.5-10.5
Pirelli 245/30/20 285/25/20
Carlsson lowering kit

Carlsson pedals
Carlsson shift knob

Additional Infos

Photography by:
Winston J
Mobile: +6281932092426