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S2kbyelegend 02

Goodbye Legend // S2000

Saying goodbyes have never been easy, let alone saying goodbye to a legend. The S2000 has been worshipped by many and owned only by a few in Indonesia. The car was fist introduced during the times when CBU cars were still faced with import bans in our country. Only a few have ever made it here. Meet Mr. B, the …

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Odcagentz 08

The Family Man // Daniel’s Odyssey

It’s about Daniel, the family man, and his beloved Odyssey. Daniel himself is an Indonesian who is currently living in Melbourne and belongs to the Agentz crew.

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Subaruwhite 02

Nurturing The Beast // Subaru GRB STi

A Subaru isn’t a common sighting in Indonesia, let alone a modified JDM spec STi like this one. It takes a true enthusiast to admire such a car.

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Audisa4 11

Video Update // Willy’s A4 B8

A video update from Willy’s A4 B8 that we’ve featured a few months ago!

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S2kconnmelb 02

Show Off // Supercharged S2000

It’s the overseas ride article again! Since the beginning, we’ve dedicated hawk’n’poke to showcasing Indonesian owner’s riders, or modified rides that are simply located in Indonesia. What we have today is an S2000 owned by an Indonesian living in Melbourne. He has also been a part of the famous Connection auto community. The modifications done on this car look straightforwardly …

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Automaxx2012 15

Automaxx 2012 // Part 1

Last weekend, hawk’n’poke stopped by to do a coverage of Automaxx, an auto contest held at Pluit Village, Jakarta.

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Markxcharles 01

Stance Off // Charles J’s Mark X

Today’s Stance Off short-article features Charles J’s personal ride back then when he was still living in Singapore. You might have never seen the Mark X on Indonesian roads; but in Singapore, they are much more common.

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M3fritz 01

Stance Off // Matte Blue M3

Another set of pictures sent in by Winston J. For today’s Stance Off article we have this matte blue wrapped M3 from Jakarta. Enjoy the captures!

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Estilosam 04

Better than New // Samuel’s 1995 Estilo

You’ve seen Samuel’s Miata a few weeks ago. Now it’s his well-built Estilo! He’s been owning this car since it was brand new!

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Miata 10

April Wallpaper // Samuel’s Miata

Untuk bulan April ini, wallpaper giveaway berupa sebuah Miata milik Samuel yang difoto oleh Winston J.

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Crvbbs 03

Fearless // Sticker-Bombed CRV

Something you don’t get to see everyday: Sticker bombed CRV on BBS LM!

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Evo8mr 02

Mr. Technical // Evolution VIII MR

From the same owner of the 450BHP Civic we posted several weeks ago, came this Evolution VIII MR. Yulius kali ini menampilkan work-in-progress Evolution VIII MR dengan 380BHP.

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Jakdrifts02 01

Jakdrift Slidefest // hawk’n’poke Car Gathering // Video Coverage

Finally, video coverage by Ilham is here! Enjoy! Make sure to check the articles coverage of the event if you haven’t

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Crvlexani 01

Show Off // Lexani CR-V

For the past few weeks, ada artikel baru di hawk’n’poke, yaitu “Stance Off” yang diperuntukan untuk mobil-mobil yang mengandalkan sektor kaki-kaki saja sebagai fokus utamanya. Kali ini, karena bukan sebuah sedan, sepertinya lebih cocok disebut “Show Off”. Nevertheless, this CR-V looks so good sitting on its 24″ Lexani wheels! Ohya, the owner dari CR-V ini juga memiliki sebuah black on …

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Matteorangeaccord 05

Rise and Shine // Matte Orange Accord

The Accord you’re looking at right now is a masterpiece owned by a true modification freak. Mobil ini sudah langsung dimodifikasi sejak pertama kali diantar ke garasi Franky, pemiliknya, pada April 2010 lalu. Selang waktu dua tahun berlalu dan selama waktu itu pula Franky terus menerus mengejar tema VIP dan menambahkan parts modifikasi kepada Accord-nya ini.

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Imagine10 01

Imagine Autoclub 10th Anniversary

Pada tanggal 18 Maret 2012 lalu, hawk’n’poke hadir pada perayaan Anniversary ke-10 dari Imagine Autoclub yang diadakan di Pantai Indah Kapuk.

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Civicadv1 06

Carbon Freak // ADV.1 Civic

What’s the most mainstream mods to be done on Hondas? A JDM style for sure! Aliran JDM pula sebenarnya yang pada awalnya dipilih the owner dari Civic FD1 yang featured kali ini.

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Jakdrifts03 01

Jakdrift Slidefest // hawk’n’poke Car Gathering // Part 3

More Jakdrift Slidefest // hawk’n’poke Car Gathering pictures! Pada Part 3 ini ada lebih banyak penampakan dari stanced cars yang hadir hari itu. Be sure to check Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t!

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Thekings01 02

The Kings // Part 1 // Street Racing Galant

Some cars were built for races, others were for shows. Races or shows, they usually share the same goal: to be the best, to be nicknamed as The King! What we have here is a Galant that has lived both worlds: it used to be the King in drag races and now has also earned its King title in auto contest.

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325iworkvs 01

Stance Off // 3 Series on Work VS

Artikel Stance Off kali ini dikirim secara langsung oleh the owner dari BMW 325i biru ini ke mailbox hawk’n’poke (

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