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Automaxx 2012 // Part 1

Last weekend, hawk’n’poke stopped by to do a coverage of Automaxx, an auto contest event held at Pluit Village, Jakarta. The event was held on 28 to 29 April 2012. Overall it went great, with around 104 contestants participating from 15 auto clubs. Well, we aren’t going to bore you further with the details, let’s just go straight to the pictures!

A CRZ on Work Meister wheels. Looks so good in blue.

Definitely one of the best Lexus IS in town.

Ride height is perfect. Exteriors are thoroughly pristine and clean. Wheels are simply stunning.

5 Series has always been one of those cars with great offsets. Combined with concaves, this car definitely nailed it!

A Gallardo was placed strategically around the center of the show.
Attendees coming in were greeted by its cold, sinister looking facia that’s visible even from far away.

A couple of cars from New Dimension that’s been at almost every car shows and meets that we’ve been to. 😛

It’s a pity that some of the areas in the show were almost completely unlit. These Jazz for example, it’s very difficult to take pictures of them.
Lucky they were brightly coloured! 😛

This Swift was parked right in between the unlit and well lit areas. Notice how dark the area behind the car was!

There’s definitely something about these pop-up headlamps on Miatas that’s making them more attractive these days.

‘The Best Hellaflush’ Jazz from Garage club.

Another frequent participant in plenty of shows and meets. Sugih’s yellow CRZ by Wien’s Sticker →

That’s all for Part 1. Next installment coming soon!

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Winston J
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