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Harriermodulare 14

Luxury Chariot // Air Runner Harrier on Modulare Forged

When we think of birds, the ones that came up on our minds are usually small, peaceful avian creatures; small enough to hold on our fingers while emitting cheerful sounds, fed on seeds. But there are also birds that are way bigger than these ones sized for the cuckoo clocks; the harrier bird being one of them. Related to the …

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Is300air 09

Exponentially Exclusive // Lexus IS300 on VIP Modular

We all know that ‘wants’ are the driving factor behind every good company’s product line, often giving birth to innovative creations never seen before. A watch, for example, started its life in the 15th century as mere time keepers. These days, however, strong ‘wants’ for luxury has birthed some of the most delicately crafted timepieces the world has ever seen. …

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Germanica 01

Germanica // W211 E-Class

Germanica. Sebuah kata yang menggambarkan kendaraan yang truly a masterpiece, a stunning work of automotive art, the perfect combination of high-end American luxuries with German engineering.

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Noble // White Jazz from Palembang

Elegance, suatu konsep yang hendak ditonjolkan oleh sang owner pada White Jazz Noblesse yang merupakan featured car asal Palembang yang kami tampilkan pada kesempatan ini. Rencana awal sang owner dalam mengejar JDM sebagai gaya modifikasinya seketika tergantikan saat melihat the elegance dari sebuah Noblesse bodykit. Alhasil, Jazz berwarna putih ini pun di pasangkan berbagai parts ala Noblesse, dari bodykit hingga …

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