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A Different Shore // Rainer’s F10 on BC Forged

It’s a great pleasure for me to gather all these stunning Indonesian-owned cars from all over the world through HnP. Just couple of days ago I posted the story about Andreas and his Golf R; a fellow Indonesian who lives in Melbourne. Last week I’ve also posted a gorgeous GTI on air suspension owned by Nick, also an Indonesian, living in Sydney. Today I’d like to introduce you to Rainer, a Surabaya-born enthusiast who’s been cruising around the Golden Gate city’s streets. San Francisco.

Rainer wasn’t the first Indonesian friend from San Francisco whose car we’ve featured. Searching back through HnP’s archives, I found some posts about Darien’s 5 Series and Kevin’s E Coupe duet photoshoot, and also Daniel’s Panamera, all sent in from San Francisco. It is a known fact that Indonesian car enthusiasts would usually know one another who’s living in the same city, and often there’re also Indonesian-based car clubs being made. In Australia, for example, there’s OTO Krew and Team Agentz, and in San Francisco there’s the SF Krew. Rainer belongs to the latter.

Rainer started his journey with this 5 Series F10 about a year ago. His initial plans at that time were to simply install a set of wheels and call it a day. What a cliche, such plan has never worked out. Never. From wheels, Rainer ventured into the exteriors section, and even went further as far as brakes and exhaust upgrades.

Peeking through the finely custom-sized BC Forged wheels is a pair of Brembo GT brakes with 405mm rotors, my personal favorite part on Rainer’s car. Huge yellow calipers matched with 405mm rotors, perfectly filling every inch inside the 20″ wheels’ inner space. Supporting the car’s stance is a set of Megan Racing coilovers.

Moving on from the gorgeously yellow calipers, I started admiring all the fine bits and pieces of the exterior that Rainer chosen. A set of M Sport bumpers, Vorsteiner carbon fiber lip and diffusers, M Sport trunk spoilers, have all added up to the great black-and-grey look that Rainer has been after.

Observing the F10 through such gorgeous captures will only make us appreciate all the visual upgrades, more than anything else. However, driving around and meeting the car in person would’ve confronted us with the addictive grumbles coming off the Meisterschaft exhaust that Rainer has installed. With 4x90mm tips at the back, it’s still looking rather stealthy despite the fantastic tones it makes.

Despite all the different shores we’ve been living in; whether it’d be Surabaya, Jakarta, Melbourne, or San Francisco, I’m really glad to have been able to unite all these Indonesian car cultures into this single HnP blog project. Do send me an email at if any of you out there would like your car to be posted.
Huge thanks to David Bush for taking such great capture with breathtaking backgrounds. Check out his automotive photography portfolio through the links below.

Modification Specs
M Sport bumpers
M Sport trunk spoiler
Vorsteiner carbon fiber front lip
Vorsteiner carbon fiber rear diffuser
Carbon fiber side mirrors
Meisterschaft exhaust gtc 4X90mm
Brembo GT 6 piston 405mm
BC Forged HB05S 20″
Megan coilovers

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil (Certified by BMW)

Additional Infos
Photography by:
David Bush
San Francisco, CA
Instagram: @whatistotweet
Website: David Bush Photography