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The Editorial Duo // GTI MKV & MKVI

Behind the site, behind the photo shoots, behind the writings, behind all these hobby/passion jobs we do at HnP, each of our crew members has our own car projects we’re working on. We’ve always loved cars; we continuously admire other people’s builds through our site features. And we’re also dreaming of one day having our own ‘killer’ builds to be featured. Today I’m presenting you Charles’s MKV and my MKVI GTI. While they might not be much when compared to other outrageous VW builds we have on the site (David’s Stage 2+ Golf R and Hendra’s K04 GTI, for example), we’d just like to show you what we’ve been working with behind the scenes.

Posted before on the site while wearing staggered 3SDM wheels (article link), I’ve now replaced the set with these race gold OZ Superturismos. Frankly, quite tired in daily driving the aggressively fitted 3SDM’s, I explored my way into wearing 19 inchers with a flush-to-fender setup. Measuring 19″x8.5 with et44, these wheels poke out only 1mm away from the fenders. My past 3SDM 18″x9.5 setup in comparison, pokes out as much as 17mm at the backs; requiring quite a camber to fit. Now that the wheels are flush, not poked, I can soften up the KW Ultralow coilovers without worrying of ruined fenders. Overall a much more livable daily driving experience.

Charles’s MKV engine bay. Upgarding from his Ford Fiesta (the one installed with full Milltek exhaust), Charles made his way to a Stage 2 tune with the GTI. Achieved through the installation of APR carbonio, turboback and ECU tune, the hot hatch is now producing around 270HP. A pretty good sum compared to stock’s 200HP figure.

Here’s a look at the MKVI’s engine bay. Despite the very similar approaches at which the MKV and MKVI generations were built, VW has put a different engine onto the MKVI platform. While Charles’s MKV has TFSI engine, mine has the TSI. Also relying on APR Carbonio, I’ve really enjoyed the added intake ‘swoosh’ sounds that these gorgeous carbon housings add.

Also new on my build is the Vanguard catback exhaust I purchased from the US. Particularly attracted to the rolled ‘stock-look’ tips that the company offer and the fact that no other GTI is wearing the brand in Indonesia, I couldn’t be happier when finding out the great notes it made once installed. Silent at normal driving yet excitingly loud at WOT.

Charles, on the other hand, has installed a full turboback exhaust system, meaning full piping from downpipe to midpipe and catback. Enabling better airflow to support the Stage 2 tune he has, while also giving a deeper resonance to the GTI’s rumble.

Wheels-wise Charles has opted for the road less travelled. While most GTI owners in Jakarta are installing OZ’s or BBS’s, he courageously tried the Japanese multi-piece SSR’s. Undoubtedly gorgeous with its super black coat finish, these jewels have been aggressively fitted with the help of KW V3’s.

The interior. Especially the steering wheel. To me it’s one of the GTI’s greatest selling point. A rare find when you compare it to other hatchbacks in the Indonesian market.

At the time of this writing, Charles has actually said goodbye to his MKV. It is now owned by a fellow car enthusiast from Surabaya. Replacing the Euro is a WRX that Charles is currently working on. Wheels are on order and some bodyparts have arrived on our shore; I’m pretty sure his WRX will surely be considered as one of our site’s killer builds when completed. Mine, on the other hand, is going to stay with me for a rather long time. I love all GTI’s, even the MK1’s and this MK6 is a keeper.

Modification Specs


APR Carbonio intake
APR turboback exhaust
APR Stage 2 tune
KW Coilover V3
SSR Professor SP1 18″x8-9
Achilles ATR
Osir carbon side mirrors


APR Carbonio intake
Vanguard catback exhaust
KW Ultralow V3
Unitronic Stage 1+ tune
OZ Racing Superturismo 19″x8.5
Toyo T1S

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil

Additional Infos
Photography by:
Charles J
Mobile: +6287886807762