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Behind the Scene // M Addiction

This would be the first time for us to post a ‘Behind the Scene’ article from one of our featured shoots. After discussing with Charles and getting his permissions, I decided to post these images up. Relying on a borrowed camera and no-pro photography skills, I hope these pictures can give you an idea of what’s going on during our shoots. Thanks to Darmawan for lending me his camera as well as taking some of the pictures.

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the duo BMW M we posted some days ago (link →). They were Philip’s supercharged Frozen Grey M3 and Space Grey M5. Both have been tastefully built with parts coming mostly from IND Distribution (link →). In fact, the results of this shoot have also been posted by Charles to the Bimmerpost website (link →) and IND Distribution’s facebook page. The crowd’s response was very good. Everybody admired Philip’s builds.

So, how those great pictures were actually taken? Well, Charles relied on his Nikon camera, extra pair of lights, and also an extra pair of hands in order to compose those pictures. Evan was his name; he carried those Profoto lights around to lighten up parts of the car as required.

It was far from easy for Charles to take the pictures. The weather was far from ideal; the clouds were dark and even a short period of showers happened during the shoot. We almost thought that the shoot would’ve to be rescheduled. Nevertheless, the showers stopped and we continued the shoot. I guess it must’ve taken quite a lot of post editing hours for Charles to process the pictures for them to look that good.

Charles organized his small equipments in this kind of boxes. The car he took, the Fortuner, even became a large photo-equipment box carrying the rigshot poles and the Profoto monolights.

This was how the engine shots were done.

Interior shots aren’t as simple as they looked.

Rigshots? This is how it was done.

Again, it was definitely impossible to do these shoots by oneself.

Once the poles are in position, Charles took the pictures while the car was moving.

That’s all for this behind the scene article. Feel free to leave your questions and comments down below! I’ll ask Charles to reply to your inquiries.