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Show Off // Aston Martin Virage on Modulare

Aston Martin. It’s the brand that’s been so closely related to a movie series that’s unmatched by any other brand. It’s the James Bond movies. Ever since the Goldfinger (1964) movie, James Bond has always been found driving an Aston Martin. It is this association that has encrusted the brand with its prominently found prestigious, techy and secretive image. If you love the idea of being a secret agent, at least as a childhood dream, there’s a large chance that you’d want an Aston at a point of your life. This is exactly what Aston’s doing: selling you a dream. Today Permaisuri sent us this apricot-colored Aston Martin Virage. Sitting on a set of newly released Modulare C22, the Bond-mobile upped its coolness factor from 10 to 11. More info: link →

Modification Specs

Modulare C22
Toyo C1S tires