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The M Addiction // Tuned M3 and M5

Turns out I was quite right regarding the number of modified BMW M3 in Indonesia. There seems to be more of the modified ones on the road rather their stock counterparts. Some have even been fully tricked out like this one we are featuring today. Note that this particular M3 is Frozen Grey in color, with a satin-like matte finish that surely differentiates it from the others. Despite the very unique paint job, Philip still decide to modify his even further. The bright red BBS FI wheels are among the most noticeable ones. However, when you get to see this machine in person, you’ll definitely notice its exhaust note more than anything else. With the Kreissieg’s exhaust valve opened, its idle engine sounds as loud as a 2.0L’s full throttle. When it is put on full throttle, it sounds as menacing as firecrackers. I bet any ear coming close within 2″ from the tips when its on full throttle will be rewarded with some kind of permanent damage. Even some of his neighbors’ cars alarms went off when Philip gets a little too excited on the throttle.

BBS FI wheels, KW clubsport coilovers and KW HLS system have been installed to attain a very lowered look while still maintaining proper drivability of the M3. The front suspension can be raised as needed to go over speedbumps or through uneven road surfaces.

On top of the Frozen Grey paint, Philip has also installed plenty of carbon fibre parts to the exterior of the M3. Even the trunk has been replaced with a complete carbon trunk, repainted in Frozen Grey. Only small portions of the trunk’s carbon weave are visible underneath the paint.

How can this M3 machine churn out such a menacing exhaust and engine sound? Well, underneath the bonnet lies an ESS supercharger system that bumps the M3’s horsepower up to around 600HP, and the Kreissieg exhaust has been well known to reproduce F1-like high pitched notes.

Having done with the modifications on the M3, Philip decided to fulfill his M addiction with the purchase of the M5. Currently a work in progress, the M5 has been installed with a set of bronze HRE wheels and Akrapovic exhaust. Not content with the bassy Akra, Philip has planned to replace it with the Eisenmann Race exhaust system, hoping to match the exhaust note of the M3.

Having these two proper machines sitting in his garage, guess which one Philip drives to work with? Your answer will most probably be wrong, because Philip took neither of them. He often go to work by walk instead. Well, considering it’s only a 100 meter journey, it makes perfect sense. These cars are driven and enjoyed mostly on weekends.

Modification Specs


OEM M3 CRT front lip
Challenge V weave carbon rear diffuser
Challenge V weave carbon mirror cover
Challenge V weave carbon kevlar race trunk painted Frozen Grey
OSS headlight custom Frozen Grey housing
IND matte black front grills
IND matte black side grills with tinted led light
Black gloss M3 badge

ESS VT2-600 custom Rosso Vik Lamborghini manifold
Challenge Race+ X-pipe catless
Kreissieg exhaust with custom billet machining + custom trumpet tip

Brembo GT 380 front and rear slotted disk with custom painted caliper Classic Brembo and red Brembo racing logo
KW clubsport with EDC module
KW HLS front kit
BBS FI with custom Rosso Vik Lamborghini
Red and Gold BBS center cap
Yokohama Advan AD08 275 and 295
Macht Schnell 3mm spacer
RD sports front and rear sway bar
Tow hook with red arrow

Defi gauges
Macht Schnell leather panel
BMW Performance Seats
Custom rear seat delete


3D Design front lip
3D Design rear diffuser
BMW Performance Spoiler custom Bronze CRT theme
IND gloss black front grilles
IND gloss black side grilles
Gloss black M5 badge with custom bronze outer

KW V3 with EDC module
Custom paint brake caliper Lightning Silver
HRE P44SC 20″x9.5-11 Bronze
Michelin PSS 265 & 295

Akrapovic Evolution exhaust

Additional Infos

About Photographer – Charles J: “Right now I’m freelancing as an automotive photographer, interested only in cars photography. I would like to shoot my dream car, a GC8 Subaru STI in future. For photography services please contact me jhons.charles[at]gmail[dot]com”