Panameraadv 01

Show Off // Panamera on ADV.1

Some say it is merely a stretched out 911. Others say it’s the perfect soccer-mom’s car. Nevertheless, the Panamera has proven itself to be one of the best selling Porsche model for the company. Yes it’s got “two many doors” for a Porsche, and so does the Cayenne; that surely hurts performance. Despite this fact, consumers are still eagerly buying these four-door Porsches. Why? Because it satisfies demands. The demands of wealthy customers who keep their 911 for the weekends and finding these four-doors the perfect companion during weekdays. Today Eric sent me this immaculate Panamera sitting on a set of ADV.1 Trackspec wheels. Yes, they are Trackspec, depicting how much the owner actually likes a sporty look for his four-door.

Modification Specs

ADV.1 Trackspec
Pirelli 265/30 Front
Pirelli 315/25 Rear

Additional Infos
About Photographer – Eric Tanzil: “Feel free to contact me ertanzil[at]gmail[dot]com if you want some shoot from me. Thank you.”