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Powerful Little Hatchback // Scirocco R on BC Forged

Volkswagen’s performance lineup, the GTI and the R, has often been regarded as wolves in sheep’s clothing. Mind you, these cars look almost identical to their less powerful cousins; yet when it comes to the engine bay, they are equipped with powerful 2.0L turbo engines that could chew out more than 300HP even when lightly tuned. Coupled with the hatchback bodies, these cars pack a lot of performance for its size.

Today we are showcasing Edwin’s Scirocco R that has been tuned with some bolt on modifications. In stock form, the R has around 261HP. With the downpipe and intake parts Edwin has put in, along with Revo ECU flash, this R now runs on approximated figure of 300HP.

The Scirocco has been absent from Volkswagen’s lineup for almost 16 years. The last second-generation model was produced in 1992. It wasn’t until 2008 that VW reintroduced the Scirocco with its third-generation model we see here. Edwin himself has been turned into a VW fan due to his past ownership of an MKV Golf GTI. For him, the small body and the great engine has ticked all of the right criteria in becoming a well-balanced performance car. When the time was up with his MKV GTI, Edwin decided to opt for the Scirocco R, the most powerful version of the Scirocco that VW has ever introduced.

Not content with the standard power output of his R, Edwin upgraded the 2.0L KO4 engine with some better air flow system: intake, discharge and downpipe. Being a turbo car, such minor modifications has been able to increase the HP figure up to 20% when coupled with the right ECU software.

Moving on from performance mods, Edwin decided to keep things simple for the exterior. He chose a Keiser front lip and a set of sporty BC Forged wheels to improve the look of his ride. After all, the R has rolled out of the factory with an agressive bodykit that has been designed by VW themselves.

Modification Specs

Neuspeed intake
Milltek downpipe
Revo ECU flash
Neuspeed discharge
BC Forged Wheels 20″
ATS brake system front 380 6-pot
ATS brake system rear 340 4-pot

Reife front lips

Additional Infos

Photography by:
Edwin D (Owner)