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Priordesignsl 16

Breaking Boundaries // Prior Design SL on Forgestar

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about the ugly duckling story some time during your childhood. Yes, you read that right, I’m bringing up the ugly duckling story for this SL. Aha! To recall, it’s the story about a cygnet (young swan) which was raised alongside ducklings. All the time the cygnet felt unattached and too different from the other ducklings, …

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640adv1 05

The Marvelous Coupe // 640i on ADV.1

Have you ever wondered what ‘BMW’ stands for? Apparently it’s Bayerische Motoren Werke, or Bavarian Motor Works in English. ‘Bavarian’ because one of BMW’s founding companies was headquartered in Bavaria, and ‘Motor Works’ because it used to specialize in the manufacture of engines/motors, especially aircraft engines. Why aircraft engines? Because BMW was conceived from the merger of three companies, two …

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Here to Stay // SVR Ferrari 360 Modena

Couple of months ago me and some friends went to Grand Indonesia around 9PM Saturday night to catch a movie. Out of the usual, the parking area was still all full and overly crowded even at that time of the night! Long story short, as it turned out, the Galaxy S4 was launched in the mall’s atrium on that same …

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Milltek Fiesta2

Milltek Full Exhaust System // Fiesta S

Kali ini Tim hawk’n’poke menampilkan sebuah Ford Fiesta S yang dikontribusikan oleh seorang automotive photographer berpengalaman: Charles J. Fiesta yang kami feature ini tentunya berbeda dari yang lainnya; sekilas terciri dari brand Milltek yang tertera pada ujung knalpotnya… …namun jangan salah, bukan muffler tips-nya saja yang Milltek. The owner sudah memasang Milltek full exhaust system (plug and play for Ford …

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