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Fit and Function // Q5 on Rotiform

The crossovers are on the boom, folks! Every now and then, they multiply, slowly taking over the globe as the daily commuter choice of the masses. And for a reason too. As the love child of SUVs and passenger-cars, it offers features that people haven’t seen since the conception of automobiles: comfortable driving dynamics mixed with cross-country abilities that pure-bred SUVs are well-known for.

Seeing this phenomenon, almost every major manufacturers now include crossovers in their line up, even the luxurious ones! Making that slice of a pie really contested. Thanks to the possibility of using existing car platforms as the base for the crossover, manufacturers quickly developed an offering of their own, widening the choices for every prospective car buyers. And today’s featured car has nothing short on that.

Slotted between the Q3 and the Q7, the A4-derived Q5 is targeted for those wanting something right-in-the-middle. Boasting Audi’s heritage, the car competes with the likes of BMW’s X3 and MB’s GLC. A wide choice of engine, Audi’s signature Quattro, and pampering luxury are among what’s hidden underneath the Q5. Plus, it’s medium-sized too, great for some long day-trips with the entire family.

Quite a tricked-out Q5 today’s featured ride has become. Rotiform LHR wheels, Bilstein-x-KW suspension, and front camber adjustable arms were the set of footwork-mods owner has installed. Essentially elevating the car’s ‘hip’ status even further! Large 22″ wheels, fitted-look, with all the comfort of a regular sedan. Simply perfect for daily drives.

Modification Specs
Rotiform LHR 22″x10.5-11 Gloss Black center
Pirelli Scorpion Zero 265/35/22
Bilstein adjustable B8 suspension
KW sleeve kit adjustable spring
Front camber adjustable arm set

Additional Infos
Photography by:
Winston J
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