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Growing Confidence // Andrew’s F10 535i on Vossen

Travelling in life. Recently I read an article explaining how those who travel more frequently often get better chances in life. Some partly due to the different experiences they managed to encounter in different cities; opening up their horizons to the various business opportunities out there. Others due to the diverse kinds of people they get to meet and discuss business/job opportunities with. After all, we’ve also been hearing so often the quote: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” That’s why at this 2015 age of Indonesian culture, we’ve been seeing an ever increasing number of younger generation choosing to take university degrees and jobs overseas, all to experience the different pages of the world. Meet Andrew, a fellow Indonesian who’s currently living in San Francisco.

Having previously modified a Nissan Juke while still living in Indonesia, Andrew can’t help but to enjoy US’s friendlier car prices upon his arrival into the States, thanks to country’s friendlier car taxes. Living with an undeniably strong passion towards powerful sedans, Andrew decided to get one of the more capable 5-Series: the 535i. With a 300HP TwinPower turbo engine, Andrew knew the car would be a good start for his new project.

Different cities, different rules on the book. Despite the US’s friendlier car prices and aftermarket parts, this page of the book does offer a different approach when it comes to installation fees. Prior to having this current set of KW V3 coilovers, Andrew purchased a set of H&R springs for $250. The installation fees for the springs? A good $400. An undeniably surprising amount for those used to the ‘free installation’ or <$100 costs we have here in Indonesia. That's why it's been a good culture for US enthusiasts to work on their own cars during free times, with a bunch of friends. A good opportunity to know more about the cars they're driving. Something we rarely experience in Indonesia. [image_frame style="shadow" align="center"][/image_frame] Eagerly wanting to extract the full potential of his BMW's turbo engine, Andrew turned to BMS JB4 tuning as his primary weapon. Coupled with BMS open air filter and Meisterschaft exhaust, such Stage 2 upgrades bumped the 535i's output closer towards 400HP. The bonus being better throttle response and higher maximum speeds. [image_frame style="shadow" align="center"][/image_frame] When it comes to the exterior, Andrew decided to keep things humbler for his daily drives. A set of Vorsteiner aeros can be found supplying nicer, sportier edges to the F10's body, while a modern set of Vossen wheels completed the sedan's overall sophisticated looks. [image_frame style="shadow" align="center"][/image_frame] [image_frame style="shadow" align="center"][/image_frame] [image_frame style="shadow" align="center"][/image_frame] [image_frame style="shadow" align="center"][/image_frame] [divider] [highlight1 bgColor="#660066"]Modification Specs[/highlight1] Vossen CVT 20"x9-10.5 Gloss Graphite Hankook Bentus V12 Evo2 245/35 285/30 KW V3 coilovers w/ EDC delete kit Meisterschaft GTC catback exhaust (EV) BMS JB4 Stage 2 BMS Open Air filter Vorsteiner CF Rear Lip Spoiler Vorsteriner CF Rear Diffuser Color Matched Reflectors Gloss Black Side Markers OEM F10 M5 LCI Double Slatted Grill Bavsound (Bavarian Soundwerks) stage 1 audio upgrade [divider] [highlight1 bgColor="#660066"]Additional Infos[/highlight1] Photography by:
David Bush
San Francisco, CA
Instagram: @davidbushphoto
Website: David Bush Photography