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Slidefest 2014 Official Photo Coverage Part 4

Drift, meet and fun. For the first time in Indonesia Slidefest 2014 has successfully united automotive enthusiasts with varying interests into one single festival. Here’s the Part 4 photo coverage for you to enjoy! Don’t miss out on Slidefest 2015, as things are going to be even bigger and crazier.

Varying interests. From aggressive fitments to aggressive tunes, we’ve combined multiple genres into the Slidefest Exclusive Car meet.

To each his own. European vs Japanese. Turbo vs NA. Coupled with all the proper mods, Slidefest Exclusive Car rides deserve to be recognized as some of Indonesia’s best modded rides.

What’s even more headturning than the car meet are the drift actions on the track. Murdering tires all day!

But let’s not forget about the community timed laps. When else could you watch Scirocco and Type R and MINI tearing up the same track for fun?

Even some of the legendary rides went down to the track to have some grip actions fun.

Davin’s Scirocco which also came as an Exclusive Car. One of the most respectable Scirocco build in town.

All wheel drive Evo’s were also having fun doing some G-force infused turns on the Slidefest track.

A look inside Franky’s B 351 EVO while on the track.

While cars on the track were hard pushed, those at the Exclusive Car meet were hard parked. Here’s another look at Gustavo’s static Mark X.

Legends they said. It’s not everyday that we’ve got to see these Japanese beasts being driven to a meet. Only at Slidefest.

Not to mention the three out of only a few Accord Euros on our land, also participating at the Exclusive Car meet.

The Civic Type R hatchback was also one of the rarer cars found at the meet.

CCW’s are definitely amongst my favorite wheels of choice. Looking great on so many different rides. From Abdee’s Jazz to this Ajiebond’s BMW build.

Fidoklik’s very own V8 Soarer. His exhaust setup was downright addictive.

Around 2PM M Owners Club Indonesia members arrived on our showground. They’ve just had a track day at Sentul and were simply planning for a short lunch break at Slidefest.

But the non stop drift actions and community timed laps opportunities on the track presented an exciting offer to them. So they also decided to give the Slidefest track a try after lunch break!

Community timed laps were held at times when the drifters were preparing their cars for the next drifting ‘heats’. So right after timed laps are over, drift practices were back on the track. Full day non-stop use of the Slidefest track!

Lukman, leader of 86ID has also had the opportunity to test his 86 build on our short course.

By 4PM we were busy preparing the arrival of Street Society stars on our showground. More about them in later articles.

Slidefest 2014 is a creative automotive event organized by Hawk’n’Poke and Banana Auto. A collaboration of drifting festival and a proper car meet, it wasn’t like any other automotive events out there. More info: Slidefest website.

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