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HnP Singapore Trip // Audi A1 e-tron Experience

Innovation. Being the first with groundbreaking ideas and concepts could often be the success factors in the current automotive industry. Audi for one is amongst the Germans’ leading brands with substantial interests in the development of future-proof technologies. What I have today is the Audi A1 e-tron, one of their key electric city-car concepts. Built to showcase a proper combination of ‘fun driving’ and ‘electric power’, the A1 e-tron offers a fresh and interesting take at the electric car formula. Thanks to Mahaendra Gofar, a fellow Indonesian currently in the Audi Singapore team, I’ve managed to test drive the A1 while capturing Mahaendra’s daily ride, the A6 wagon.

This particular A1 e-tron was the one and only in the entire Asia Pacific region. Shipped to Singapore for development purposes and was bound to be shipped back to Germany just a week after my encounter. Being all accustomed to working around petrol engines with exhaust modifications, I found it utterly interesting to capture the beauties of such a polutionless, noiseless, sinister compact. I immediately felt the urge in knowing more about cars’ impacts on the sustainability of our planet.

Unlike hybrids which often switch back and forth between petrol and electric engines, the A1 e-tron relies fully on its futuristic energy source: electricity. Powered by 114HP/300Nm electric motor on a 113kWh battery, the A1 only uses its efficient 254cc engine to charge the battery. This means the entire car’s propelling system relies solely on its electric motors.

Built on top of the same platform as regular A1’s, there’re no apparent visual cues that differentiate the e-tron from its 1.4 TFSI variants (except for these decals on the concept car). With an electric-only range of 50km and a combined range of 250km, the A1 e-tron has offered a sensible daily drivable performance for an electric car. Coupled with the 114HP output, Audi has successfully combined great city-driving dynamics with maximum fuel efficiency (1.9L/100KM).

Inside, the A1 e-tron also shares a lot of its traits with the petrol variants. Only major difference being how unbelievably quiet the cabin is.

Behind the wheel of an electric car for the first time, with its left-hand drive setup on these Singapore streets has truly presented a unique test driving experience. Unusually quiet cabin, an enormous feel of linear acceleration (thanks to electric motors), and A1’s typical nimble handlings have made the e-tron a really lovable electric city car.

On the same trip, I’ve also had the chance to take a tour inside Audi Singapore’s offices and workshops, where Mahaendra is currently working as a part of the Audi Singapore Technical Service Asia Pacific division.

Apart from working full-time at Audi Singapore, Mahanedra has also been accepting freelance offers, specializing himself in automotive and travel photographies. You can check out his works inside AutoExpert magazines, as well as a featured post published on our site some time ago.

Moving on from the A1 e-tron to Mahaendra’s 3.0 TDI A6 wagon, I can’t help but to admire Audi’s genius takes on its different platforms. While the e-tron was built as the light, nimble and linear compact, the A6 has been designed with a lot of functionalities and practicalities in mind. From the ample interior space to the powerful TDI engine, these Audi duo reflected the company’s successful years of research and developments.

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