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The Collaborative Act // RWB 002 Indonesia “Ciska”

These days we all know precisely how RWB’s are stirring opinions all over the world. Starting from Japan to Thailand to USA to Russia to plenty of other countries worldwide, including Indonesia. I guess I shall welcome you to the 21st century, where anything local can now easily be appreciated worldwide, and distance is no longer a problem in the equations. But are these RWB phenomenons going to be here to stay? If not, what’s next? As we all know that Nakai-san the founder himself will eventually grow old.

A true enthusiast at heart. I remember reading an article back in 2009 at MotorMavens about Nakai-san’s personal careers and views toward car modifications. While a lot of people these days are really into the technical stuffs when it comes cars (how much horsepower? what spring rates? 0-100 times?), Nakai-san isn’t exactly one.

Even when asked about how much wider his RWB creations are compared to stock Porsche’s, he simply doesn’t know the exact figures; as he’s been crafting the body individually for each and every car. It’s almost as if we were to ask Van Gogh the diameter of the sun he drew in his Starry Night painting.

But all is well. Not knowing the exact horsepower figures nor the width of the car’s body doesn’t mean that Nakai-san is doing the clown’s act. He’s more like the pianist who simply doesn’t need to go by the book anymore. He tunes his piano to his liking and plays the notes inspired from his head. A freeflow. The learning by the book period has obviously been long gone for him.

Before Nakai-san started working with all these RWB Porsche’s, the Rauh Welt workshop used to build and tune plenty of wild RWB AE86’s. Real-life “started from the bottom, now we’re here” story, I guess. Back in the days Nakai used to run some of the widest tires one can fit onto those tune-happy hatchbacks, with the must-have overfenders of course!

From AE86’s to air cooled Porsche’s. This has gotten me thinking as to what Nakai-san has planned for his upcoming years.

A perfectionist with an artist’s vision. You can tell how much Nakai is more deeply interested in the car’s characters and real-life performances, rather than the technical aspects, through the way he’d answer your ‘interview’ questions. Yes he’ll straightforwardly answer your questions to the type and size of brakes and tires he used on the car. But let him talk about the concepts and inspirations he gathered for the car and you’ll be in awe. From color choices to naming to personal details for the car, he’ll talk passionately.

This particular ride I’m featuring today is RWB 002 from Terror Garage (RWB Indonesia). Named after the car owner’s beloved mother, Ika Kartika aka “Ciska”, the Riviera Blue 993 has been built as a memoriam to the special lady who passed away four years ago.

These handwritings on the sides of the car are in fact replications to the beloved mother’s own signature. Initially produced using some thinner lines, Nakai-san suggested to have the lines thickened and reprinted so that the signature will look more pronounced. A respect paid to the lady who has always welcomed Mr Yanto the owner’s crazy project cars. I mean, from aired-out Karmann Ghia to Rat Ambulance, his collection simply can’t get any crazier. Well, apart from the addition of these RWBs.

Zweite Entwicklung. Meaning second development. For each and every car Nakai has tuned, it can be considered as a rebirth for the platform. All those initial OEM developments have been tinkered with and improved upon to Nakai’s likings and expertises.

Made out of rubber, the 993’s front lip was scratched during our trip to the photo shoot area. I was personally a bit worried at first, for letting those rubbers hit the harsh Bandung asphalts, but Michael from Terror Garage assured me that it was fine. “Yanto (owner) and I build these RWBs to be driven, I’d say it’s actually rather cool to have these scratches as the living proofs,” said Michael.

Hotel Sangkuriang Bandung. Under Indonesia’s flying flags have Winston taken all these great captures. The very same hotel in which Nakai-san stayed during his trips while building these RWBs. The serene atmosphere, traditional decors and Bandung hospitality have made this property become one of his favorite hotels.

All done by hand. From fender cuttings to bolt attachements to body panels sealants, all done thoroughly by Nakai-san himself. Terror Garage was there to prepare and restore the cars while Nakai-san worked his magic in doing the RWB transformation with precise wheels fitments.

Different from RWB 001, this second Indonesian RWB has been equipped with a wilder set of RWB kit. Flamboyant side wings and wider fenders are amongst the factors that contribute to the classic’s extra-aggressive looks.

Knowing exactly that Nakai-san has a finite number of years left in his career (I’m pretty sure there’ll be one time when he’ll be too old for all these single-fighter RWB transformations), Yanto the owner has planned to build 7 RWB’s throughout the year. What you’re looking at is number 002. Meaning five more unique specimens have been agreed upon to be built by Nakai-san.

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