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Slidefest 2014 Official Photo Coverage Part 5

Yes! We still have plenty of official Slidefest pictures kept in our hard drives ready to be posted. Go ahead and check out Part 1 to Part 4 articles if you haven’t here: link.

Just before the sunset that day, Street Society stars were arriving in the McLaren, M6, Marcel’s very own Scirocco, and the Aston Martin. Ready to steal the spotlight on the stage and also on the track.

All crowds scatterd around Slidefest area suddenly shifted their attention to the stage as the stars were arriving.

The stars did a parade on the track, giving photographers the opportunity to capture some never-seen before moments: real stars on the Slidefest track!

During the next laps, Marcel Chandrawinata gave his very own Scirocco a taste of aggressive driving on the Slidefest track.

On the other hand, Daniel Topan was still continuing the parade with the Aston, driving rather carefully.

But Edward and Yogie were tasting the M6’s outstanding performance with some pretty wild tire skids.

After those track actions, the stars were given the opportunity to handle the winning trophies to the competition winners.

One of the most unique drift cars I found on the track. I believe this Cefiro’s entire body panel has been replaced with R34-style parts.

Great smokes. Turning up excitement levels of all enthusiasts.

We also had a drifters’ parade that evening. Giving drifters the opportunity to be wild and let themselves be the spotlights.

Apart from drifting practices, we also held a fun drift box tap challenge. A friendly competition whereby drifters were scored through their ability in hitting the boxes at all the right spots.

Exactly a week after Slidefest, we held a Slidefest Exclusive Car breakfast meet. A complimentary event to reunite and socialize with all the event participants. Meeting point was at Panahan, with the breakfast held at Locale, PIK.

Exclusive, not-for-sale stickers. Strictly for Slidefest Exclusive Cars.

TOP 1 also supported the breakfast meet by giving away quite a plenty of interesting prizes. From limited edition collectibles to hotel vouchers.

Slidefest 2014 is a creative automotive event organized by Hawk’n’Poke and Banana Auto. A collaboration of drifting festival and a proper car meet, it wasn’t like any other automotive events out there. More info: Slidefest website.

Additional Infos
Photography by:
Fidoklik (Fido G)

Jo Fajito