Wallpaper Wednesday // Exotics of Bali

Happy New Year! To start this great 2014 I’m presenting you a wallpaper submitted by Dedenphoto from Bali. A trio of modern exotics; 911, Gallardo and 458, this capture pretty much summarizes Bali’s currently growing luxury car scene. And I believe in 2014 it’s only going to get even wilder!

Oh and by the way, let me give you some quick hints regarding our great 2014 plan: in 2013 we have successfully held the GENESIS car show and #MORNINGFLICK movie gathering events. In 2014 we won’t be repeating these same events, but will be inventing new ones instead! Stay tuned for fresh, creative, and exciting events in 2014! We’re dedicated to bringing you event experiences you’ve never even imagined!

Check out the wallpaper download links below!

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Photography by:
Professional Photographer
081 246 0808 50
Jl. Tukad Batanghari Gg.3 No.13