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Urban Ranger // CX-7 on Rennen Forged

The jeep lovers vs sedan lovers. Observe the toys-pile of a five year-old and you’ll have a pretty good guess at his future hobbies in life. Some collect robots. Others bikes. Some like supercars. Others jeeps and trucks. Looking at a broader perspective, automotive enthusiasts these days also do show a pretty strong polarity towards sedans vs jeeps as hobbies. Urban vs rural. While street car lovers might be interested in highspeed performance and stylish fitments, trucks/jeep lovers tend to praise the off-roading capabilities of their rides. Going through virgin forests with fully-built motors must’ve been one of their dream trips. Likewise, Wranglers and Hummers are amongst the most praised platforms for such society. Tough, rugged, and utilitarian, these vehicles have been infused with a large dose of masculinity and grit. But following along the evolution of cars, then came the new breed of species: the crossovers. Not a sedan nor a truck; what are these things?

Take the exterior cues of the RX-8, the cargo space of a wagon, and put it on an SUV-height platform; this is what you get, the CX-7. Mazda’s ace card in the mid-size crossover market segment. Sporty, functional and stylish; it combines the best of both worlds. Nimble handling, swift acceleration and practical ground clearance. None of which any sedans or SUVs could offer in a single package. Yes it might never see a single sunrise in the midst of a forest, but it’s unique all-in-one package comes in handy during occasions. Family road trip? Flooded Jakarta in rainy seasons? Camping trips? The crossover tackles them all easily while still looking pretty when parked in front of a hotel lobby.

Today’s CX-7, however, is far from being just another crossover. Dedicated to building the greatest CX-7 in town, the owner has decided to stir things up using parts that are more commonly found on a sedan’s modlist. AP Racing brakes? Checked. 3-piece forged wheels? Checked, they are Rennen Forged. Wollsdorf interior? Checked. Coilovers? Checked. Essentially, the owner has skewed things further towards the sedan-traits of the crossover compared to its SUV DNAs.

Sized at 22″x9.5-10, these Rennen Forged wheels are of three-piece construction and produced under forged manufacturing techniques. Combining strength with attractive concave design. Coupled with the alluring AP Racing brakes, such footwork setup attracts the attention of even the biggest sedan fans.

In the interior area the owner has rewrapped the entire seats and trims using luxurious Wollsdorf leather material. Delightful to touch and attractive to the eyes, these cardinal red upholsteries put a bright smile on every passengers’face.

Exterior-wise, the owner has turned to the customized route. Neatly designed custom add-on bodykit has been paired with custom 4″ tailpipes to give a sportier presence to the crossover’s looks.

Very neatly done, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure such crossovers have lured the hearts of sedan lovers who have gone tired of going through potholes and uncertain road conditions on a daily basis.

Modification Specs

Rennen Forged R10 22″x9.5-10
Falken tires
AP Racing 6-pot big brakes kit
AutoEXE coilovers

Custom add-on bodykit
Custom tailpipes

Wollsdorf Dakota Cardinal Red

Dastek Unichip
Throttle controller
K&N air filter

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil

Additional Infos
Photography by:
Charles J
Mobile: +6287886807762

Winston J
Mobile: +6281932092426