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Show Off // GT86 from Bali

Bali. The island of culture, excitement and natural beauties. A prime destination for those seeking getaways from some of the world’s most hectic cities. From beach side parties to mountain top meditations, Bali offered some of the most unique travel experiences that Indonesia has to offer. These days, however, there are different kind of vacationers spending their time at Bali: the motorheads. From Porsche Club Indonesia to Lamborghini Club Indonesia, they have all arranged car cruises and meets at Bali; shipping their prized exotics from Jakarta to this island of gods, enjoying the city’s sceneries and beaches through their fine automobile’s windshields. To a certain extent, these trips have also influenced Bali’s local car culture. As a result, nowadays there are more and more exotics to be found in Bali, as well as modified custom rides. What we have today is a submission from Deden, Bali’s local professional wedding and automotive photographer.

Bayu the owner of today’s GT86 has chosen the modern hachiroku as his platform of choice because of the coupe’s great value for performance. Boxer engine, exciting driving dynamics and attractive styling have lured him into trading in his Mazda 6 to this sportier Toyota platform.

Wanting to enhance the 86’s performance, Bayu has installed ARC open air filter along with a set of HKS spec L exhaust. Being a true Japanese car fan, he admitted that these mods have greatly livened up the boxers engine’s tone.

A set of BC Forged wheels has been paired with Weitec (by KW) lowering springs, giving a trendier stance to the 86; all while enhancing the ride’s handling through its lowered centre of gravity.

Modification Specs

BC Forged HB05 19″
Toyo Tires
Weitec lowering springs

HKS spec L exhaust
ARC open air filter
HKS premium suction
HKS oil cap

Carbon mirror covers
TRD bodykit

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil

Additional Infos
Photography by:
Professional Photographer
081 246 0808 50
Jl. Tukad Batanghari Gg.3 No.13