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Permaisuri Thursday // Tiguan on HRE

Meet the Tiguan. The famous Golf’s taller, larger and more adventurous older brother. Unfortunately, unlike it’s hatchback sibling’s worldwide popularity, the Tiguan is sort of lagging behind when it comes to sales, especially in the US. Reviewers say perhaps it’s due to the awkward proportions, or the “nothing to see here” styling of the exteriors, or the uninspiring “just another VW” interiors. Whatever they might say, but I really think the Tiguan has got to have a bigger chance of success here in our city. Yes the Golf/GTI are compact and functional hatchbacks, but when it comes to tackling rainy seasons (think floods!) and bad road conditions, the Tiguan wins hands down. And compared to other popular Japanese offerings out there (think CR-V and CX-5), Tiguan has that seductive German-origin status.

Uninspiring exteriors? Let Permaisuri handle that for you. A set of luxurious HRE P95’s and KW coilovers installation later, the Tiguan now looks comparable to twice-priced SUV’s. 21-inch sizing and a decent drop of the suspension have given this Compact Utility Vehicle a street-friendlier stance while still maintaining acceptable ground clearance; to tackle our streets’ potholes and wavy asphalts.

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Modification Specs
HRE P95 21″
KW V3 Coilovers

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil