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Show Off // Riph’s Celica on Work

For today’s Show Off article I’d like to present to you something rather unusual found on our streets: an aggressively lowered 2005 Toyota Celica! Built by Toyota during the early 2000s, this seventh generation Celica proved to be the last and the best iteration to Toyota’s compact sports car of the period. Light, nimble and arguably good-looking, the platform became an international success despite the world’s dying sports car market at that time. The RX-7, GT-R, Supra, and Prelude, for example, have all been long gone out of production by the time the last Celica was rolled off the factory in April 21, 2006. Despite its international success, only a few has ever made it to our land, perhaps due to our country’s strict car-importing regulations in those early 2000s. And even rarer is an 6MT JDM version such as the one I’m featuring today.

This is Riph and his journeyful Celica. Started its life as a JDM tuned ride, and then went orange-vinyl-wrapped with street-racing style along the way; but now presented in this super-clean, aggressively-fitted looks. I’d say this is Riph’s best iteration to his Celica to date.

A set of staggered Work Emotion XD9 18″x9-10 has been installed and properly fitted to maximise the aggressive look that Riph has been aiming for. Plastidipped light blue and color matched with the roll cages, they are the perfect eye candies.

Exterior-wise, the body styles have been carried over from Riph’s previous street-racing iteration of the ride, minus the orange vinyl wrap. Deep black paint meets subtle carbon details, there’s no doubt a ‘less is more’ approach is good at work at this stage.

Before Riph went all this mad over the aggressive-fitment looks, there was a time when the Celica was fitted with same-model XD9, but with a square 18″x8 setup. That means the car is now running a 1″ wider setup at the fronts and 2″ wider at the rears.

Key factor to all these footworks setup, which provided all the lowering, is a set of Tein coilovers. Style meets performance; such a setup proved that Riph is going way beyond mere good looks. You should also definitely check out his engine mods in the spec list below!

Modification Specs

GReddy carbon front lip
Tsunami carbon rear add-on
Custom sideskirt
TRD carbon blade spoiler
Carbon side mirrors
Carbon pillar
Carbon door sill
Carbon engine cover
Carbon spark plug cover

Bride Cuga Carbon – Retrim black suede
Custom 4 point rollbar
Defi Water Temp Gauge
Defi Oil Pressure Gauge
Defi Oil Temp Gauge
Carbon Defi gauge pod
Rear seat delete

Work Emotion XD9 18”x9-10 ET38-18 Plastidipped light blue
Accelera 215/40 225/40
Tein Superstrut Suspension
Project Kics R40 Titanium lugnuts

Header PPE race
Downpipe PPE
Tanabe G-Fordan Blue exhaust
Porting & polish
Dastek Unichip Q+
Circuitworx Oil Pump
ACL lightweight bearing set
Fidanza Clutch Stage 1
MonkeyWrenchRacing Lightweight Flywheel
TWM Performance short shifter
TWM Performance M1 Abrams shiftknob – Gunmetal finish

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil

Additional Infos
Photography by:
Charles J
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