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Permaisuri Thursday // Evolution X on Weds

After posting hundreds of featured cars over these past few years at HnP, I’ve learned one fact about the Indonesian car culture: Japanese performance car owners have some of the longest mod-spec-lists in town. GTR, S2000, Evolution, Subaru, for example, have proven themselves to be the perfect platforms from which an owner could build his/her childhood dream rides; thus installing only the best parts out there for the build. From things as simple as forged lug nuts to some serious roll cages, these owners take some serious considerations on the performance-factor of the parts. Today’s Evolution X is of no difference. Featured some time ago in this article, today I’m posting this as an update: Permaisuri has installed a fresh set of Weds wheels on this track-monster-look Evo X.

Aggressive. Carbon details meet Evo’s Rally Red color. Some serious aerodynamics to keep this beast stick on the roads.

These days a lot of Euro car owners are installing three-piece American wheels with coloured lips on their rides. It’s interesting to see the Japanese’s take on having coloured lines as well on their wheels.

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Wheels Specs
Weds SA67R 19″x8.5
Advan Neova 235/35

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil