Donnyci 03

Ground Level // Donny’s 330Ci on Work Meister

The BMW 3 Series. The best-selling model on BMW’s lineup.
As what everybody might’ve known, I have, am and will always be the till-death-do-us-part BMW fan. It all started when I fell in love with the 3 Series chassis at my seventeen years of age. My dad gave his E30 to me as a birthday gift. A car he picked up fresh from the showroom floors years ago. A car I sincerely idolized and undoubtedly looked forward to driving once I got my driving license. Upon that first drive, that first push on the pedal, the first corner I took with the car, I can’t stop but starting to admire the E30’s German feel and charisma even more. Since that moment onwards, I was convinced that I am going to live a life full of BMW’s.

Shortly after receiving the E30, I began my journey of car modifications. Personal touches here and there, all to have the E30 with that extra “oomph” factor. Despite these mods, by the time I was about to enter college, I can’t help but to trade in the E30 for something more reliable and daily drivable. Then came the E36. The car I’ve installed so many wheels on. You should check out the ride at this link, it’s been featured at HnP before.

From E36, I moved on to this E46 coupe being featured today. Never in a million years have I thought of myself to be driving a 3 Series coupe, especially the E46 chassis, as these are undoubtedly rare on our land. How did I come to this?

Well, my first sight at this E46 was at a friend’s house. It was his car. Sitting nicely in the garage. Pristine condition. Original black paint; which also happens to be my favourite color. Well-maintained engine. Very seductive. A moment later then I curiously threw out that question at the back of my head, “have you ever thought of selling it?” To my surprise, he replied, “actually if the price is right, it can be yours.” Seconds later, the car was mine.

Just a week after owning the car, I ordered a set of K Sport air suspension. I’ve made up my mind to build the nicest E46 coupe in town, quite possibly the first to be running on air suspension. No, it’s not because I want to park low yet having the opportunity to raise up the car during drives. It’s not a matter of riding-high-and-parking-low. It’s about driving-low-and-parking-lower.

Why the K Sport? Because with this kit I can set up a bag over coil setup. I can set all the rebounds on the coilover to attain a nice handling, while the bags replace the coil springs to give that height adjustability. The best of both worlds.

Moving on from suspension setup, I went to search for wheels. This set of Work Meister came down as my wheels of choice. I like to combine things up in my builds. US, Japanese, Euro parts all mixed to produce a unique vehicle breed. Some more parts are still being shipped for the car. I’ll post up the updates later!

Modification Specs
Ksport air suspension over coil
Work Meister 18″x9-10
Toyo T1R 215/40/18
Yokohama S.Drive 245/35/18

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil (certified by BMW)

Additional Infos
Photography by:
Eric Tanzil

Winston J
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