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Permaisuri Thursday // E Coupe on DPE

Never. Never have I imagined that the E Coupe can look so stunning wearing such banana’s outfit. Looks so right; looks so nice. Browsing through the history of E Coupe’s I’ve posted in HnP, they all seemed to be rather monochromatic. Black. Silver. Grey. White. Nothing else. Essentially they all looked good while showcasing the E Coupe’s elegant lines. But today’s yellow E Coupe has gone through a totally different direction. Not too elegant, but rather sporty.

Complimenting the Benz’s bright sunshine color is a set of DPE MT7 wheels. Ordered with a brushed face finish, these jewels have further upped the sportiness scale of the ride, all while filling those fender arches perfectly with the spot-on fitment.

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Modification Specs
DPE MT7 20″
Accelera PHI 245/30 275/30

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil