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#MORNINGFLICK 2013 Coverage Part 2

It’s the one you’ve been waiting for. Part 2 of #MORNINGFLICK coverage! For those of you who’ve missed it, check out more info about #MORNINGFLICK here and find the Part 1 article here.

Gathering + Private Screening of FF6 + Awards. All in one spectacular morning event: #MORNINGFLICK.

Octa’s always-clean Granada Red E46. This ride has just won a prestigious award at Bimmersmeet last weekend.

On the left is the pocket rocket we’ve featured here. Too bad the owner had to leave early, otherwise he could’ve contended for the “Vanity Plate” award with the Abarth’s B 1 SUL plate.

Aldo’s MKV GTI on 3SDM wheels. Will never get tired looking at these wheels. Modern classic.

Range Rover + Khan’s are the perfect companion. Permaisuri has been installing a lot of these.

I’ve never seen to many Evolution’s on the road on a daily basis. But on #MORNINGFLICK day, there’re plenty of them.

Did I say plenty?

The matte blue wrapped 458. An attention grabber for sure.

The Japanese legends paid a visit to the gathering as well. The GOCI (GTR Owners Club Indonesia) has also just held a Sentul event couple of weeks ago. Find more info about them here.

VW’s to BMW’s. They all looked good with a healthy dose of lowering.

535 seats. 4 theaters. Plenty of smiles. #MORNINGFLICK was a day to be remembered.

The Firecracker award goes to this menacing supercharged M3. One rev is all it took to win the award. Find the featured article on the ride here.

Some of the SpeedCreed members’ rides.

Euros and Japanese right next to each other. When else can you park diagonally at Plaza Senayan parking area?

Bakajin brought the famous matte blue R34, accompanied by the 350Z.

Mike’s Ci. He has taken really good care of his rides. Used to be the Estilo and now this spotless Euro beauty.

Kenji’s minty Fiesta won the “Lipstouchdown” award. Static, tucked in, cambered out. This thing is beyond sick.

We’re still working on the video coverage. Will post it up soon!
HUGE thanks to WOLLSDORF, media crews and all our respected participants of #MORNINGFLICK. We’ll keep on innovating creative events and also do our homeworks in continuously improving our events. Leave us a message for suggestions, ideas and questions.

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