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Wheels Craze // Andy’s W202 on Lorinser

A lot can be done to cars these days. You can pick an Evo and turn it into a stanced show-stopper, or pick a CRZ, plant a Type R engine in it and turn it into a track monster. Some say mods can defeat a car’s purpose, while others believe that they are respectable expressions of owners’ creativities and ambitions. There are, however, mods that can suit a car so well that some people think the car should’ve rolled out the factory that way. Meet Andy and his clean OEM-looking W202. He doesn’t go after performance figures nor outrageous exterior looks. He’s more of the wheels freak car guy. To put it into perspective, he has fitted 10 (ten) different kinds of wheels over the course of the W202’s life. From AMG SL, Carlsson 3/6, SSR Koenig, BBS RC, Work Equip, Amistad Klaud, Gulf Stitch, Hamann PG1, AC Schnitzer, and lastly this most recent set of Lorinser RSK II.

Why the W202 and what’s about all those wheels fetish? Andy picked the silver C Class due to its semi-classic looks and his ambition to pull off the nicest fitted W202 in town. Just the right amount of poke with plenty of tyre stretch was what he’s always been after. With this current set of Lorinser, the 11″ wide rear proved to be quite a challenge to fit. He even had to cut some of the tyres to make the aggressive fitment you’re looking at right now. Now that’s a dedication!

Driven mostly around campuses and cafes, the W202 has proven itself to be Andy’s loyal daily driver. However, despite being a daily driver, Andy still registers the car occasionally to auto contests. Not seeking to attain plenty of awards, but more to showcase great wheel fitments he has achieved with the car. Showing off to others on how the older generation Merc’s can still look fresh with the right wheels of choice.

Modification Specs

American style front cornering lamp
S-class style grill
Hirscmhann antenna

OEM black leather seat
Pioneer head unit
Sony subwoofer

Custom suspension
Lorinser RSK II 18″x9-11 et22-11

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil

Additional Infos

Photography by:
Alwafi Auzan
Car Photography
Contacts : – 08568428110