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Robust // G500 on AMG Wheels

It looks a lot like a bank vault isn’t it? Tall. Boxy. Heavy. Clunky. And, coincidentally, it often functions like one too: carrying valuable celebrities and athletes inside. While it might not be bulletproof nor as techy as Bond’s rides, the G500 does offer the level of comfort and versatility desired by VIPs and wealthy passengers. Whether it be city roads or gravels, the G500 can tackle them all. Shopping bags or hiking gears, its 5.0L V8 engine will carry them all at ease.

While it might seem quite out of the ordinary, we do actually accept highend SUV featured posts at HnP. There was the TechArt Cayenne, then the Vorsteiner X6M. This G500, however, is of a different breed compared to those two. While the Cayenne and X6M ressemble sports car performance more than anything else, the G500 has been directed towards the rugged appeals by Mercedes Benz. With principle designs that doesn’t seem to have changed much since its introduction in 1979, the G class offered the tried and true military looks across all of its design evolutions.

The population of G500 in our country is quite possibly less than 10, or even less than 5. Despite having already owned such a rare breed, the owner of this G wagen has decided to step its exclusivity up even further. With AMG big brakes and wheels on the exterior, this 2003 “bank vault” looks so timeless with its freshened up details.

Moving on to the interior, the owner trusted Vertue to stitch exclusive Wollsdorf leather material following a G63 AMG’s Designo Style trim. Coupled with the carbon fiber panels all around, the interior of this G reminds us more of an upper class cabin rather than the prehistoric rugged military vehicle it used to be aspired upon. All in all, the interior offers perfect companion for daily trips or even occasional cross province road trips.

Modification Specs
AMG 8 pot calipers with 380mm rotors
AMG G55 wheels

Carbon fiber panels
3rd row seats
Wollsdorf Austrian Nappa Exclusive Hotspur and Black color
G63 AMG Designo Style leather trim by Vertue

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil

Additional Infos

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