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Permaisuri Thursday // Wide Body Expression R SLK on HRE

Every once in a while we do come across one of those “What is that?” moments. Whether it be some never-seen-before antique wheels, or an unidentifiable classic car that perhaps dated back to the pre-WWII era. Thing is, as much as gearheads as we are, there are still plenty of automotive builds and parts out there that are remotely unknown to our knowledge. Speaking of which, this Expression R SLK wide body kit I can personally consider as one. I’ve seen plenty of Brabus kits and countless AMG kits on the R172 SLK’s, but never before I’ve seen such a wildly wide-bodied kit like Expression’s.

Permaisuri sent me these pictures of its customer’s SLK wearing the wide body kit along with HRE wheels. Some deep lips on the wheels matched up nicely with the body kit’s over fenders. Carbon details on the body has also contrasted nicely with the car’s white color, while complimenting the black finish of the wheels.

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Modification Specs
HRE 567R
Expression R R172 Wide Body Kit

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil