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Permaisuri Thursday // Ferrari 458 Spider on DPE

In this material world, a lot of people think that supercars are simply to be judged by their spec-sheet figures and fancy-named gadgetries. Top speed. Number of horsepowers. Price tag. Digital display. Etc etc and so on. Well, I personally don’t think so. To create an iconic supercar these days, a company need to be able to construct an animal. A living, breathing, mortal creature with plenty of attitude. The noise it makes, the way it shifts your backbone in corners, the heart-stopping wild surges in its acceleration. Those are the things that make up a true supercar; and even the iconic ones aren’t the most faultless ones either. They’re the ones with the strongest personality, history and character instead. And when it comes to great supercars, one name that immediately rings up on people’s minds is Ferrari. The maker of some seriously fierce horses.

Today Permaisuri sent me this 458 Spider wearing custom sized DPE wheels. While the 458 is surely a joy to drive, the Spider puts the icing on the cake with its flamboyant retractable hard top. Feeling the breeze of air. Submersing oneself in the more prominent ‘orchestratic’ engine sound. All made possible by the convertible top.

These DPE wheels have been custom made to fit the 458 Spider. No mention of widths nor offsets by the manufacturer. They simply fit.

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Modification Specs
DPE MT5 20″ F458 Spec

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil