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M Owners Club Indonesia (MOCI) Challenge Day April 2013 // Part 2

Do check out the Part 1 article if you haven’t. Here are some more pictures from MOCI’s action packed Challenge Day held at Sentul Circuit April 6, 2013.

Audi, Ferrari, SLS, Lotus, VW, whatever performance car you bring on that day are allowed to participate on the track.

The drag race was liven up by clouds of smokes and screaming exhausts.

Seeing these beauties on the track reminded us the true purpose of these exotics. It’s not all about gathering attentions at VIP parking areas, but to fulfill every gearhead’s speed-infused childhood dream.

Aftermarket wheels and exhaust systems are amongst the most popular modifications on these high performance rides.

HRE, BBS, and ADV.1 are amongst the most popular wheels of choice. But I’m pretty sure the introduction of PUR in the local highend wheels market is starting to be noticeable.

The CLS63 AMG is surely one of the most popular AMG models in Jakarta. Quite a few turned up on that day.

What better way is there in explaining track regulations other than hands-and-walkietalkie gestures?

Our team was allowed to freely roam around the track to do some panning glories.

This picture by Winston is so clean that I would’ve believed if somebody told me it was straight from Gran Turismo.

Hearing eargasmic downshifts while taking pictures are simply moments to be remembered.

The famous M 135i. My stanced out brain kept telling me this car would’ve looked very nice on a set of air suspensions. :p

Now that’s an M3 with very very aggressive front fascia.

Awesome cars, great times, cheerful people. MOCI Challenge Day was surely one of the best events we’ve ever attended.

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Photography by:
Winston J
Mobile: +6281932092426