Evoquehamann 07

BOLD // Widebody Hamann Evoque

Meet the Range Rover Evoque. Land Rover’s quirky designed little SUV. Hip, young, and frankly quite the peculiar child among its siblings; the Bieber of Land Rover’s product line up. With a 2.0 turbo engine comparable to a hot hatch’s and design lines that looked straight out of a scifi movie, the Evoque raised quite a lot of eyebrows when it was first launched. What was Land Rover thinking? Tiny interior + compact body = a proportion not found on the other RR’s. To whom are they targeting this car at? Feels kinda too tall for the road and yet too tame for the off-road don’t you think?

Well if all Timberland products are to be bought by real hikers alone, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be getting much revenue. What I do believe is that quite a large proportion of its customers aren’t exactly hikers or travelers; but simply those who wish to live their life as adventurers, or be seen as outdoorsy people. That’s why they chose Timberland; to be associated with the brand’s adventurous image. Go ahead and take a look at Timberland’s website. It has more boat shoes than hiking boots, despite the company’s initial focus on hiking apparels when it was first launched. Same thing is what’s happening to the Land Rover. No, Evoque buyers aren’t those who hunt animals on weekends, nor those who do regular cross country off-roading every month. Despite Range Rover’s utilitarian roots, the Evoque has been catered to the broader compact SUV audience. It looks smart, sounds kinda tough, and yet reasonably compact; the perfect ride for young executives who drive in and out of offices daily while taking his small family for picnics on weekends.

What we have here, however, is no standard Evoque. It’s an RR which eccentricity dial has been turned way up to 11. Wild, bold, daring and upscale. Complete set of Hamann items have been installed by the owner, from Hamann widebody, Hamann 260HP ECU, 20″ Hamann wheels, and plenty of others on its modification list.

Modification Specs

Hamann widebody body kit
Hamann tailpipe cover
Hamann DRL

Hamann carpet
Hamann pedal set

Hamann Edition Race anodized 20″
Continental Tires

Hamann full exhaust
Hamann suspension
Hamann widebody
Prindiville air filter
Hamann ECU
Turbo boost remap

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil

Additional Infos

Photography by:
Winston J
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