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Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore 2013

April 12-14 2013 marked the first-ever Tokyo Auto Salon being held in Singapore, at the Marina Bay Sands Expo. Bringing Japanese cultures (cars, girls and music) over to Singapore, the event caught a wide spread attention from Southeast Asian automotive enthusiasts. If travelling to Japan has presented too much hassle and costs, then visiting Singapore is simply an impulse for us Indonesians. Thus, quite a few of our friends went there to experience the Japanese’s glamorous automotive exhibition. From exotics to extremely modified tuner cars, the authentic Japanese car culture can strongly be felt throughout the exhibition area.

An Aston Martin V8 Vantage displayed at 9tro’s booth, a Singapore-based car magazine.

The Brabus ML. A luxury SUV that packs a sports car’s performance.

The Varis GT-R. Its widebody package will surely transform any street Godzilla into a track monster.

These wheels looked so amazing in person.

The Lexus LFA. Only 500 specimens were ever produced. Stealing attentions despite the lack of booth girls and decors.

JobDesign Lexus LS with Universal Air suspension system. That’s a true Japanese right there.

HRE + Akrapovic + KW + GTR = BEAST.

Amuse S2000. Widebodies seem to be the never ending trend in Japanese scenes. Whether it’d be for form or function.

Spoon NSX-R. Featured at Speedhunters a while ago. “Every 1/1000th of a second counts” is the philosophy behind this race-built machine.

TechArt 991 sporting a really nice shade of blue.

TommyKaira LS-F Sport luxury sedan.

A bonus picture! Some of our partners visiting the show.

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